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What to Do when an Insurance Company Delays Your Claim

It can be frustrating to deal with an insurance company that isn’t interested in processing your claim right away and giving you compensation as quickly as possible. A lot of insurance company clients are very familiar with the experience of calling their insurance company to find out the status of their payment to hear something along the lines of “two to three months”, “six to eight weeks” or something else.

Most people do not understand what their legal rights are and what the insurance companies are required by law to do for their clients. There are a lot of laws that pertain to personal injury claims that are designed to protect those who have been injured. Insurance companies realize that the majority of their clients have no idea what these laws entail and what their rights are as insurance customers.  So, they take advantage of their clients and drag out the repayment process as long as possible to keep from having to pay, if at all possible. 

What can you do as the injured party? You can seek out legal help, and a personal injury lawyer will be able to not only advise you of your rights and what action you should be taking, but that lawyer will also be able to represent you to the insurance company and get the wheels moving on the claims process. “Personal injury lawyers have detailed knowledge about your rights and what the insurance company is supposed to do and how quickly they are supposed to do it” adds Kareem who is an Injury Attorney in Toronto. If no one is going after the company to remind them of their duty, they are unlikely to want to do it. 

It is important to hire a lawyer or at least consult with one if you feel you are being mistreated by your insurance company or if you believe that they are delaying your claim and compensation. A lawyer will be able to act as an advocate for you. You might be surprised at how quickly the insurance companies will move once they have a fire put under them, so to speak. That is exactly what a lawyer or a legal team do for you.

Your insurance company may try to offer you just a portion of what is owed to you as well. They understand that your money may be tight as you try to recover from a car accident, workplace injury or medical procedure, so they know that if you are pressured you may take a lower amount just to get something right away rather than having to wait a long time. 

Keep in mind that the personal injury lawyer is only paid when the case is settled. You don’t have to pay anything upfront, so that leaves you room to hire your lawyer, receive your compensation and then pay your lawyer from that compensation once things are settled with the insurance company. You will avoid financial risk this way and receive your compensation much quicker, thanks to the legal help you’ll receive.  

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