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5 Steps to Choosing a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Canada

While dealing with a criminal offence, it is advisable to retain a lawyer as soon as possible. Criminal conviction holds harsh and long-lasting consequences, and if you approach the case without the seriousness it deserves, you could quickly find yourself in a hard place. Self-representation, therefore, isn’t advisable, especially accounting for the emotional attachment. Obtaining legal advice from Calgary criminal defence lawyers is a good starting point, and for a better outcome, it is recommendable to retain their services as you navigate the process. Here are a few pointers to guide you while choosing and hiring the best criminal defence lawyer.

Make a list

Compiling a list of defence lawyers practicing in your city can be quite overwhelming. You can, however, narrow your options by seeking referrals from your relatives, friends, and other trustworthy people in your social circles. With their input, you can quickly narrow your search as you can base the selection on their word of mouth recommendations. You could also use the state bar to capture more options.

Check the credentials

What are the lawyer’s credentials and competencies? While trusting word of mouth is a practical approach, doing your research goes a long way in ensuring that you hire a criminal defence lawyer capable of furnishing your unique requirements. Apart from ensuring that the lawyer is licensed in your state, ensuring that they actively represent clients with similar cases as your situation demands is essential. This gives them an edge as they know the ins and outs of the case proceedings, ensuring that you realize favourable outcomes.

Call/visit the lawyer

A quick consultation could be all you need to set your case in the right direction. Whether through a phone call, online chat, or visiting the lawyer’s office, a discussion could help you choose a service you like. Remember to consult your gut feeling to ensure that you can confidently and openly communicate with the lawyer. After the session, set a meeting for an interview to thoroughly vet the criminal defence lawyer.


While preparing for the interview, arm yourself with as many questions as you need to ensure that the criminal defence lawyer is the right fit. From simple questions such as the lawyer’s specialization area to concerns such as the anticipated time to resolve the case, bail conditions, best and worst-case scenarios, the questions play a vital role in choosing the best defence criminal lawyer. Don’t shy away from unusual questions as well, as this could help you weigh how the lawyer responds to uncertainty. Remember to include charges concerns, as you don’t want a service that you can’t comfortably finance.

Seal the deal

Now that you’ve found a criminal defence lawyer that matches your criterion, it is time to sign an agreement and let them do the heavy lifting. While sealing the deal, however, ensure that you read the fine print, understand what the lawyer needs you to do, the charges, among other concerns that could affect your engagement.

Hiring the right Calgary criminal defence lawyers might not be that straightforward. With the above steps, nonetheless, you can simplify the process and enjoy the numerous benefits an experienced and reputable service delivers.

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