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Can Divorce Lawyers Help Protect Your Family?

Lawyers in the west have a pretty horrible reputation, by and large, the subject of ridicule and endless jokes about how worthless an attorney is. While accident attorneys are typically considered rootless ambulance chasers, it’s actually family divorce attorneys who get the most flack. Colloquially speaking, your average divorce lawyers are considered the worst because they’re seen as entities that break up marriages and destroy families.

 A lot of this has to do with media like books and TV and movies painting these lawyers in a bad light. Are things really that bad in actuality? Some people want to know if these types of lawyers can actually help families.

Do Divorce Attorneys Help Protect Families?

 Yes, qualified, caring divorce attorneys do help to protect families. Real-life isn’t exactly like the movies. Your spouse’s lawyers aren’t always coming after you and hoping you ruin your life, like a dramatic series on cable. These are professionals who understand that they’re dealing with people’s lives, people’s life savings, and oftentimes children whose lives can be destroyed. Your spouse’s lawyer is looking for the best possible outcome for their client, but not seeking to ruin your life. And vice versa.

 The right divorce lawyer can help keep families intact while serving their clients’ needs in carrying out the divorce proceedings. Here are a few ways by which they do this.

How Lawyers Can Actually Protect Families

Ensuring Children and Finances Stay with the Right Party

 You might see a lot on TV media about how one party in a marriage used their divorce lawyers to rip the kids away from the other party. Full custody, supervised visits only once a month, thrusting these children into the proverbial “broken home.” Lawyers get a lot of the blame here. Still, you should understand that this is something lawyers only push for in cases where one parent is unfit to retain custody of children, such as with drug addiction, domestic violence, etc. So while the media might portray the attorney as the adverse party here, the attorney is actually the party seeking to help give the children the best possible outcome in a situation that’s not ideal for anyone.

 The same holds true when it comes to finances. Again, colloquially speaking, divorce attorneys can be seen as vultures who track down all of a spouse’s assets to claim their money for their client. In actuality, many spouses who exit a marriage are leaving with nothing. Perhaps they haven’t worked in years because they were raising children. Perhaps they were accustomed to a way of life and are not deserving of being homeless and penniless just because the marriage ended. Divorce attorneys work to seek due compensation for the time invested in the union, protecting their clients, and ultimately protecting families from falling to ruin.

Assistance in Mediation

 You might not know this fact because the media loves sensationalism and things to go badly. After all, that’s a ratings boon for them. But the truth is that a qualified divorce attorney can actually be a very positive force in mediating things between spouses and easing tensions. If a husband and wife are not getting along, the lawyer can actually step in with suggestions that make things go easier for both parties, and also the children involved.

 This also often takes the shape of lawyer-to-lawyer communications: the wife’s lawyer speaking with the husband’s lawyer to reach common ground, and vice versa. The goal here with divorce attorneys is not to destroy someone’s life or rob them of all their assets. The goal is actually to help families and to protect the children of these failed marriages. It’s a much harder thing to do than most people realize. Most couples are bitter, and at each other’s throats, so it’s actually the lawyers who are stepping in here in many cases to ease these tensions and to mediate.

 So when you think about a divorce attorney, forget all about how they’re portrayed in popular media. That’s pure sensationalism to get people’s attention. In real life, these qualified professionals go out of their way every single day to actually protect families.

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