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Attention to Detail: 3 Strong Reasons to Hire an Attorney to Handle Your Car Accident Case

A car accident is an unsettling event to go through and its effects can linger for a very long time physically, mentally and financially. Dealing with an insurance company to get a fair settlement after a car accident will add a mountain of additional stress to your already difficult situation. To avoid that additional stress, let’s take a look at 3 strong reasons to hire an attorney to handle your car accident case.

Prevent Insurance Companies from Denying Your Claim

Though advertisements tend to sell you on the idea that your insurance company and insurance agent are your best friends or “good neighbors,” insurance is a business and keeping their costs low and revenues high is still their number one priority. In fact, adjusters are often given bonuses for denying claims and saving the company tons of money.

By allowing an attorney to handle your car accident case, you can prevent insurance companies from denying your whole claim or various portions of your claim based on what they call technicalities, but are really just loopholes they manipulate. An attorney who specializes in accident claims knows how to close up those loopholes and prevent the insurance company from denying your claim.

Don’t allow technicalities and loopholes to be the excuses an insurance company uses to deny your claim by hiring an attorney to handle your car accident case.

Avoid Being Manipulated Into a Settlement

The friendliness and great concern for your well-being, which insurance adjusters pretend to have, is not exactly what it appears to be. By making you feel like they are doing their very best for you, and even stating that they are representing you and your claim, is meant to draw you into their confidence and cause you to remove certain portions of your claim or accept what they are calling a “great settlement.”

When an attorney handles your car accident case, they are not fooled by the empathetic smile and the smooth talk. Attorneys are also well aware that that “great settlement” the adjuster is offering you is a significant reduction of what they should be paying out in the claim. By attending to the smallest of details, attorneys force insurance companies to pay out all of the terms of their policy that relate to your claim.

Do not forget that an insurance company is first and foremost a business who is trying to keep costs low and revenues high and avoid being manipulated into a settlement by hiring an attorney to handle your car accident case.

Fight Against Downgrading the Injuries You Suffered

Along with the manipulation we discussed above, insurance adjusters are trained to look for ways to delegitimize your claim of certain injuries as well as downgrade the severity of injuries, which you might have suffered from your car accident. By downgrading the injuries you suffered, they can avoid paying a significant portion of what you rightly deserve and push for a lower cost settlement.

Most people who try to represent themselves tend to skip over many of the damages that are included in the insurance contract they were sold. An accident attorney, however will pay attention to the small details of that contract and force payments for those damages to be made in accordance with the legal agreement between the insurance company and you as the owner of the policy.

Know what damages to claim with a lawyer who is well versed in the legal aspects to which you and the insurance company agreed to when you purchased and paid for your accident policy and fight against downgrading the injuries you suffered.


It is an attention to detail provided by an attorney, which tends to break down an insurance company and force them into paying your settlement. Consequently, you can help eliminate the added stress of trying to get a fair settlement for your car accident claim by hiring an attorney to handle your case. Get the settlement you deserve along with peace of mind.

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