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5 Steps You Should Follow When You Are Involved In An Accident At Work

Before you embark on your tasks at any workplace, you are always encouraged to read the recommended safety measures. At the same time, despite these precautions, accidents may still be only one mistake away. Thus, it is essential to always keep a backup plan in mind just in case something unexpected happens. This article summarizes five (5) of the most important steps that you should take when there is an accident.

1. Examine and treat the injury.

In most workplaces, one part of the safety measures is to have at least some of the employees trained in first aid treatment. In the event that one of the workers is injured, the lead first aid provider is expected to attend to the victim. The initial step of examining the severity of the injury is crucial to determining the next steps.

If, for example, it is impossible to contain the injury with the limited first aid kit, the victim should be taken to the nearest health facility. Remember, urgency is always required to prevent further complications.

2. Support wherever you can and accelerate the process.

While accidents can be quite damaging, what comes next can determine the extent of its implications. If a colleague is injured in an accident, as much as possible, try and avoid panicking. Offer your help when required, whether to give medical attention or in managing the people around you.

If you are the employer, try and prioritize the wellbeing of your worker before anything else. The insurance company may take care of any medical bills, but you should make it your mission to follow up with the issue. Of course, you are obliged to follow the required legal procedures as well.

3. Document the event after a thorough inspection.

One of the main exhibits you'll be required to produce is the documentation of the accident. Unfortunately, this is something that many employers and employees forget. After attending to all medical concerns, it is time to build your case. First, make sure and take all photographs and save any videos if available.

While documenting the occurrence, try and answer some of these questions. What caused the accident? Did those involved follow the rules? Was the accident preventable? Who were the witnesses, if any? Has the risk been neutralized? Make sure the witnesses recorded in your statement will be available in case the law requires their testimonies.

At the same time, while at the hospital, ask the doctor to document the severity of the injury. All these will be taken into consideration when contacting your insurance company or during a court session. You can include the doctor in your list of witnesses.

4. Fill a workplace accident form.

Every company has a standard form that is used to record any accident report. If you are the employer, make sure you have this available in order to avoid any legal stumbling blocks. The doctor who attends to the injured employee should be given the appropriate forms to fill out. Those involved in the incident should also fill the form with accurate information.

This is important because these forms are used to back your claims when filing a report to the insurance company. There might be some complications along the way, and your accident attorneys will need this paperwork to argue your case in court. The same can also be used to spread safety precautions and legal awareness among the employees.

5. Report to your employer.

After all has been said and done, the main priority is everyone’s wellbeing. If you are a worker that is involved in the accident, make sure you let the employer know about your health condition. Remember that you can always use this opportunity to let them know your legal position on what had transpired. You should also review all the relevant personal injury lawyer costs before embarking on your case.

On the other hand, if you are the employer, you should always check in with your employee after the accident. Let them feel assured of your support and ensure that they have all they need. At the same time, be open to discussions about any pertinent legal elements and procedures. This way, you'll both be on the same page once the claims or legal process begins.


Whether we like it or not, accidents can happen at any time. When these do happen, you should always prioritize the health of the worker before anything else. Once your employee or colleague's medical emergencies have been attended to, move on to the next step. For instance, filling a workplace accident report is important when in an insurance claim, in a court hearing, and in letting the rest of the company know about the accident and how the company attended to the details. Because accidents can and do occur, it is always essential to put preventive measures in place.

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