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When Should Lawyers Hire A Private Investigator?

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Lawyers and private investigators have long worked in mutually-beneficial relationships. Private investigators are able to help bring new evidence to light for lawyers, while lawyers help ensure that private investigators have a wealth of work to do. While both professionals can surely function without the other, they are able to deliver results much sooner.

However, not every case requires the assistance of a private investigator. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend money unnecessarily if you can help it. With this in mind, it’s important to determine in which scenarios it makes sense to hire a private investigator. A few situations that come to mind are:

Tracking Heirs

Private investigators are equipped with a wide array of sources and investigative skills that they can use to trace heirs. The complication from tracing heirs lies in the fact that it is a very time-consuming process, this is time that lawyers cannot afford to lose, especially when they handle other obligations. Tracking heirs is especially vital when executing a deceased person’s last will and testament, as is the case in Probate Law. This not only ensures that the testator’s wealth is given to the people it was intended for, but it also helps prevent people from falsely claiming to be heirs.

Discovering Hidden Assets

People engaged in a hostile divorce process or in a business feud tend to hide assets in order to gain an upper hand during asset distribution. It’s important to discover a party’s hidden assets so that an equitable distribution of assets can be performed by the court. It is such a vital process that there are even international private investigation firms such as that specialize in asset discovery.

Searching For Potential Witnesses

Not every witness is willing or able to come forth to testify to the truth. Sometimes, it may be necessary to find these witnesses, especially for cases where there isn’t enough evidence to make a solid argument. New witnesses can potentially breathe new life into a case and they can bring previously overlooked aspects of a case to light.

Locating Untraceable Individuals

Some people of interest have a reason, especially when they hold a significant bearing on how a case is going to be decided. It’s possible for lawyers to search for these people on their own, but this is a task that would be better performed by private investigators because of their training, tools, and sources that make it easier for them to locate their quarry.

Predicting The Opposition’s Next Move

In litigation, information is victory. By knowing how the opposition behaves, you’re going to be able to more or less predict their next move. This makes it easier for you to select a plan of action. This gathering of information can be achieved through surveillance or social media background checks.

Private investigators are a very potent addition to the resources that lawyers have at their disposal. The partnership shared between lawyers and private investigators is one that has lasted through many years. Should you ever find yourself in a bind, you might want to look through your available resources. Don’t forget that private investigators might be just the help you need.

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