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Personal injury - can I claim for dog bites?

Depending on which source you care to consult, dogs are typically the most popular pets in the world. Cats come a close second, with fish, reptiles, and birds making up the numbers on other top choices before we descend into the relatively lower popularity of rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and horses. With sheer numbers on their side, dogs tend to come top of the list in just about every pet related issue you care to name, from the numbers of pet insurance options available and veterinary operations performed, to coming top in the global demand for pet food and grooming facilities. It comes as no surprise, then, that dog bites are the main type of pet-related injury reported each year. If you have been bitten by a dog, or if a dog has bitten your child, you are entitled to bring a claim for personal injury compensation (get more information at 

Understanding dog bite claims

The first thing to understand about dog bite claims is that you do not have to have been bitten by a dog to bring a claim - despite the name “dog bite claim”, this type of personal injury can also include any anguish and psychological trauma that may result from being chased or cornered by dog that means to cause you harm - indeed, these factors are often included in the overall case brought against an owner where an actual bite has taken place.

Is the dog a legal breed?

The next thing to consider with dog bite claims is that the owner may be in possession of an illegal breed. Typically, such dogs are bred for their aggressive nature, meaning there is a relatively high number of dog bite cases that involve an illegal dog that is being bred at the centre of an illegal dog breeding scheme. This means that where you choose to take action, your efforts could ultimately help stop cruelty to any animals involved in a forced breeding program for the puppy market.

Speak to a solicitor sooner rather than later

Where a dog has had previous behavioural issues, the case of negligence against an owner who does not do everything in their power to contain the animal is easier to hold up in court. A personal injury compensation solicitor with a background in dog bite claims can talk to you and provide you with access to relevant information in support of your claim.

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