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How Personal Injury Lawyers Are Gearing Up For COVID (Legal) Cases

Even though injuries relating to car accidents and slips and falls in workplaces are normally the hottest item on the list, Babcock Trial Attorneys are starting to see an increase in the number of inquiries they’re getting about coronavirus litigation.

While it might not be an avalanche down a mountain, the amount of cases concerning landlords and tenants, debtors to debtees, and ultimately employees to employers is going to be on the rise.

When something is not done when it is expected to be done, this can cause an issue. Whether it is a person having to pay another or an employer not putting or following the necessary safety protocols that were set in place, this is all going to come back.

The litigation lawyers in these areas need to be prepared for the onslaught of people who are looking for restitution from the losses they are faced with.

What Lawyers are Doing to Prepare

This is not to say that the law offices are not going to be filled with the normal accident litigation, family court matters, and bankruptcy scenes, but COVID-19 is one that is sure going to hit the courts and those lawyers who cover the cases.

Unfortunately, those litigation lawyers that would normally take on accident cases may not want to take on these coronavirus cases due to the fact that they can be tough to win. This is mostly true for wrongful death claims, as they can be difficult to address and show proof that this is what happened during the time of their deceased one’s death.

A lot of these lawyers are doing what they can, wishing these individuals well but are choosing to stay away from these cases if at all possible.

Since there is a stay in place order in many states, it is seeing a decrease in the number of car accidents that need litigation, as well as slips and falls inside places that are currently not open. This slow trickle of work is keeping the lawyers somewhat busy, but it doesn’t mean that the lawyers feel like they should take on any case.

It is important that these lawyers remain hopeful and watch the market, as things might change in a few months from now.

If businesses are being reckless and putting their employees in the front lines of danger and blatantly ignoring the laws and rules then this is when these lawyers would come into play and stand in front of a judge to speak the case of the employee. However, as of right now, the frontline workers are doing all that they can to ensure the safety of their employees and the general public that uses their services.

If you do feel at any point that your lawyer is being reckless and putting you in danger, or not following the rules put before them; it is advisable to speak with a lawyer to see how they may be able to help. However, currently, lawyers are choosing which cases to take on, as the courts are running at a slower pace and some cases are harder for them to win.

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