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Top 8 Ways To Save Money When Hiring A Good Lawyer

The fees for hiring a lawyer can add up rather quickly. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can save money over time, such as choosing an attorney that is right for your situation. Even though understanding the types of legal fees you’ll encounter is good, having a great relationship with your attorney is better.

So, if you’re looking for a lawyer and want to save money on legal fees, you’ll find 8 ways that you can do so below.

Choosing the Correct Lawyer

When it comes to choosing a lawyer, you get to decide because there are many types of lawyers out there. Although you may have to do some groundwork, finding the right lawyer can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in your legal fees. The reason for this is that you’ll be involved in a working relationship with your lawyer. The process will flow smoother once you’re comfortable with your choice.

Also, hiring a small law firm or a lawyer working solo can help you lower your legal fees.

Asking for a Flat Rate

There are various legal fees arrangements that your lawyer can use. These include contingency fees, hourly fees, and flat rates. If you have a simple case such as an uncontested divorce, consider asking your lawyer for a flat rate arrangement. Using a flat rate allows you to know the exact cost of your case so that you can prepare yourself accordingly and there won’t be any surprise payments needed.

Doing a Part of the Work

People often misunderstand their role when hiring a lawyer. They think that once they are successful in acquiring a lawyers Tweed, their work is done. But you can save on legal fees, depending on your case, if you do some of the work. These types of work include prepping your documents and ensuring your attorney has as much important information as possible.

Scheduling meaningful meetings instead of unnecessary meetings and phone calls can also save you legal fee money.

Sending Fewer Phone Calls and Emails

If you’ve ever heard the quote “time is money,” then you should know that it also applies to lawyers and legal fees. Whenever a lawyer takes timeout to respond to an email or answers a call on your behalf, you’ll end up paying for their time, which is an additional expense to you.

You can lower your legal fees instead by providing your lawyer with important information from the beginning or as required. You can also schedule a meeting instead to save on time and money.

Finding Another Route Instead of Using a Lawyer

Did you know that some legal matters don’t require the presence of a lawyer? Yes, there are instances where you won’t need the service of a lawyer, but it depends on your individual case. One such case is a divorce case where neither party has any assets or children.

So, before you spend thousands of dollars on small legal matters, you should instead find alternatives such as self representation or mediation.

Designing Forms to use in Routine Transactions

You can ask your lawyer to design transaction forms which you can use to do other transactions when your case is over. You can simply fill in the blanks in these forms. Your lawyer can also give you the correct verbiage to use in common situations that you may face in your business. However, you’ll need to consult your lawyer in more tedious situations.

Visit Your Lawyer During Normal Hours

Some lawyers will charge you extra fees if you want to use their service on the weekend. You could instead arrange your meetings in the week or on the phone during the weeks. After all, you don’t want to be paying for their trip to come to you for a meeting.

Using Mediation

If your case has to do with family law, your lawyer will advise you about mediation. It is less costly than going in front of a judge. Mediation often costs approximately $350 per hour and it usually lasts for about 2 hours. Your case will also most likely be resolved there.


The best way to save money on any legal issues is to talk to your attorney. You can save thousands of dollars doing so and avoid bankrupting yourself over court issues

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