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How To Respond To False Accusations

Sexual assault is a serious matter to begin with that is punishable by law and must be without any hint of objection. While going through this difficult situation is physically exhausting, emotionally draining, and mentally torturing, especially for the victims above all, the same goes for someone falsely accused of sexual assault.

If you are the genuine perpetrator of such an act, then you'll need to face the consequences of your actions. However, being wrongly accused of something you have not committed is a total nightmare that can turn your whole world upside down and spin your life around 360 degrees. While it is true that you will remain innocent until proven guilty, you still cannot escape the agony of being judged by the public and your social groups.

Remember that if you are a victim of a false sexual assault accusation or the likes, your emotions are valid and acceptable. The feeling of shock, betrayal, denial, concern and the pain and sorrow that comes with it is appropriate and should be acknowledged. But your subsequent actions will surely make a big difference. And one thing is for sure; the justice system still exists for innocent people where truth is the sole judge.

Here are the three most effective ways to respond to false sexual assault accusations. Bear in mind that your decisions and behaviour will decide your fate. And as long as you know the truth, it will speak for itself.

Seek Help from a Sexual Assault Lawyer

Any words that come from your mouth can be used against you, so you have the right to remain silent. That is why it is important that you immediately seek help from sexual assault lawyers like Dunlap Criminal Defence Lawyers in this challenging and stressful situation.

Getting a lawyer is not an admission of such false accusation but protection to outside forces that you have no control over. You need an attorney to credibly represent and competently defend you in court for this legal battle in proving your innocence. You have to protect yourself in the best way possible, which is the main job of a sexual assault lawyer. A reliable lawyer with experience and an impressive track record for sexual assault cases is a huge asset.

Stick to Your Core and Values

In this difficult situation, emotions run high, and your decision-making skills can be less than ideal. When you are overwhelmed with emotions and let them control your life, you will lose yourself. And when you lose yourself, you will start to lose others. It's a chain reaction. So be careful with your actions and next moves, as the wrong step could be enough to set your case back. It would be best if you remained steadfast with your own core and value. And it's not your situation that will define you as a person. Being a victim of sexual assault or being falsely accused of a crime or unlawful act can break or make you as a person, so choose the latter. Choose to be stronger and wiser and claim that you will rise above the occasion amidst this uncertainty. Justice delayed is justice denied but justice denied is not justice served, so fight hard for your right!

Support System

The unapologetic truth tells us that being falsely accused of sexual acts is definitely heartbreaking and mentally disturbing. While the battle in pursuit of innocence is stressful and draining by itself alone, you can make the journey with lesser adverse effects in your life. And that's the power of a support system that we should never underestimate.

You know yourself more than anybody else and as so your family. Charity begins at home, and so does support. It is important that you have the generous support of your own family, closest friends, and trusted people who matter to you and who knows you best. You are not alone in this fight. The accusation may be directed towards you alone, but its presence is felt by many. Support knows no boundaries as it encompasses the sense of mental, spiritual, emotional, psychological and financial aspects apart from the legal support by a sexual assault lawyer. In truth, there is freedom in having a strong support system.

If you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation, remember all of these tips, and you can make it through unscathed. Good Luck!

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