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The Legal Process After a Road Accident

A car accident is often a painful and distressing event. In the aftermath, victims can be left with a substantial physical, psychological, and financial burden.

Outgoings after an auto accident include may medical bills, vehicle repairs or replacement, and administrative costs, which can be compounded by a loss of earnings during the recovery period and any subsequent time away from work. The estimated cost of an accident without injury is $2,000; when a non-capacitating injury is involved, expenses rise to an average of $50,000. In such circumstances, it’s easy to understand how bills can pile up, adding to the victim’s post-accident trauma. It may be difficult to know where to turn for guidance.

An attorney specializing in legal aspects of car accidents will be able to offer the expert support required. Beyond exchanging details and contacting insurance companies, victims of an accident may not know how to proceed to safeguard a positive outcome. Inexperience can even put them in a position where they are easily exploited. For example, an innocuous apologetic comment in the immediate aftermath of an accident might be misinterpreted – deliberately or otherwise – as an admission of guilt. This is turn may be used against an innocent victim to deny them an insurance payout, commensurate compensation, or recognition that they were not at fault. Specialist lawyers are familiar with the tactics used by individuals and organizations who attempt to absolve themselves from financial responsibility, and have the ability to use their knowledge and training to ensure that victims are not unfairly penalized.

Insurance companies can prove especially problematic in the aftermath of a motoring accident. Whilst some companies will pay out a fair amount in a timely manner once responsibility has been established, unfortunately others will challenge a victim’s testimony, as well as expert opinion, and offer inadequate reimbursement. This can lead to avoidable financial strain on victims, as well as extension of suffering after an already traumatic event. Having a proficient legal team on side will help; they will have the experience to successfully oppose unfair decisions made by insurance companies, and ensure that victims are not left in further financial difficulty.

Injuries sustained during a car accident can have a significant impact upon a victim’s current and future employment prospects; they may need a long recovery time, have to take an extended leave of unpaid absence, or be overlooked for promotion. Some injuries are so severe that they can bring a career to an end. It is imperative, therefore, to seeks legal support as soon as possible after an accident has taken place. Specialist attorneys will be able to support victims in understanding the comprehensive financial impact of their accident, and help them to secure a fair award or settlement.

If you have been involved in a car crash, make sure that you speak with a well-qualified and highly experienced legal team without delay. Local knowledge is also extremely helpful; for people in Alabama looking to discuss their situation, visit our auto accident lawyers at Morris, King & Hodge.

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