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Green Card Lawyers; Immigration & Naturalization Made Easy

A Green card is the official entry pass which allows permanent residency and work in the USA. A Green card is issued by the US Immigration Service (USCIS). If you are planning to work and live in the USA on a permanent basis then it is crucial to know about the legal issues regarding green cards. Usually it is hard to understand the regulations and legal terms involved in immigration & naturalization so you’ll need an experienced attorney.

Most applicants wait up to 15 years to get a Green Card and some lucky ones even get it in 15 days. Why the huge par? US immigration law creates immigrant visa preference categories. This determines who will qualify for immigrant visa number. Some categories are easier as compared to others; some category may have no delay while some categories might have long term delays. The law also limits the number of immigrant visa given out for each category.

Those who seek permanent residency for work related purposes can apply for the following employment preferences:

  1. The first preference is given to priority workers such as professors, researchers and executives. These people have extraordinary abilities.

  2. Second preference is members of professions holding advanced degrees.

  3. Skilled workers are rated at third preference.

  4. At fourth preference is given to certain special immigrants.  

  5. Fifth preference is for investors and entrepreneurs.

Why you need a lawyer to get a Green Card faster?

Immigration law is complex; it’s not easy for immigrants to understand let alone US citizens. Therefore, Green card lawyers can handle the matter in the best possible way. A lawyer can better guide you to which category visa you should apply for. The chance of getting a green card increases if you take proper legal turns.  

It is always better to seek help of a law firm specializing in green cards. There are complicated legal strategies that only an experienced legal professional can assist you with. For example, filing all the legal documents in time and meeting all the terms and conditions can help you to get your green card faster. Without the help of a lawyer you may spend hours at a local immigration law office and get nowhere. A lawyer can make a solid file on your behalf and intelligent decisions about your case. Any legal mistake by applicants can cause serious consequences. If an application is denied one can lose their work permit or can even be deported. Even a small mistake can be labeled as deception. Be careful, do your due diligence and make wise decisions. Do it all with a good legal firm and you will greatly increase your chances of obtaining legal residency.  

We would like to cordially thank Slatus & Slatus Immigration Law Firm of NYC 225 West 34th Street New York, NY 10122 (212) 465-0537 for all their contributions in making this wonderful publication possible. They really took their time out to review all the different legal aspects that were discussed above.

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