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Common Burn Injury Causes for Personal Injury Claims

No injury is a good injury. However, burn injuries can be particularly devastating. In addition to being painful, they can have long-term consequences. But you may not be the one responsible for your injury. Many burn victims are also victims of personal injury. When they are, they become eligible for personal injury claims.

The Facts

Major burn injuries occur to millions of people every year. In some of those incidents, the victims never live a normal life. In others, the victims die. Even in more minor incidents, the victims can face long-term consequences. They burns could leave unsightly scars that make them unwilling to appear in public. On top of the physical impact, the mental impact can also be devastating. There are also costly medical bills and rehabilitation efforts.

A burn injury can leave you out of work and in debt. However, there may be someone who deserves the blame for the accident. If you take advantage of experienced legal services, a lawyer can tell you if you have a personal injury case.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

There are many different ways that a burn injury can occur. While this list doesn’t include all of those ways, these are some of the more common causes of burn injuries in personal injury cases:

  1. Gas explosions

A gas explosion can result in severe burns. Many workplaces use gas. If there’s an accident at your workplace and a gas explosion occurs, you could be a victim of personal injury. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, you may be eligible for compensation.

Of course, a gas explosion isn’t limited to your workplace. It could occur in your home or in public. In either case, someone may be held responsible for the accident.

  1. House or apartment fires

Home or apartment fires can be devastating. In addition to losing all your belongings, you can experience severe burns. If you have a fire in your home or apartment, it’s important to know the source of the fire. It’s possible that the fire was a result of negligence. The negligent individual could be held accountable for compensation for your pain and suffering.

Other home fires could be a result of faulty wiring or appliances. Sometimes, a faulty smoke detector fails to alert you of a fire. In any one of these situations, you may have a personal injury claim.

  1. Chemical Spills

Harsh chemicals can burn your skin badly. If you find yourself in the midst of a chemical spill, it’s likely that you will experience severe burns. However, chemical spills happen for a reason. It might occur because of unsafe workplace practices or a lack of training. Whatever the cause may be, you could have a personal injury claim.

  1. Motor Vehicle Accidents

When most people think of the injuries that come during a car accident, they don’t think of burns. However, burns can occur during a car accident. Serious accidents can result in fire, which can be devastating. If another driver is at fault for the accident, you deserve compensation for your injuries.

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