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Should I hire an experienced divorce attorney in California?

They say that marriage should last happily ever after, but the stats show this is simply not the case. Sadly, many marriages – especially in California – will crash and burn at the first sign of trouble. If you are in the process of getting divorced, the reasons can be numerous. You might find you were incompatible with one another after rushing into marriage; you might find that something has been revealed that makes you want a fresh start; you might even simply just not want to be with your husband or wife anymore.

Whatever the reason, hiring a divorce attorney is essential. Divorces are very rarely amicable, and it does not take much for divorce disputes to fall into petty arguments and unrealistic requests. With that in mind, you might need to hire someone to help you set down a little dose of reality for the other party. With that in mind, should you hire an attorney with experience? Or hire someone new to the industry?

Experience is worth paying for in the legal field

Divorces can come in many shapes and sizes, and it does not take much for a surprise to come up. All it takes is a crafty lawyer to devise a plan you did not expect or make a demand you cannot meet. When this happens, it can leave your own arguments limp and weak.

When that happens, you want a lawyer on your side who knows the kind of parlor tricks being played in a court of law. If you rely on a newbie, they might find it extremely hard to balance everything out. They might get caught cold by a change in the demands.

You will always pay for a more experienced lawyer; experience is the most valuable commodity in a court of law. By ‘saving’ yourself some dollars on a cheaper, more inexperienced hire, you will cost yourself money down the line. You will likely end up with a worse case result, or the case will needlessly drag on and cause more discord.

Experienced lawyers can find better resolutions

Experience means being able to handle the emotionally-led dynamics that are prevalent within a divorce. If you have someone who is new to the field, they might acquiesce and give up too much. You might find you are being forced into an agreement you know is not suitable purely because your lawyer is too inexperienced to fight back properly.

Experience might mean you pay more, but it means you are more likely actually to win in a settlement. For that reason, we cannot recommend enough that you get an experienced lawyer involved. Someone who understands the happenings of a courtroom dispute is very important. They can be the difference between finding an amicable settlement and/or paying out ridiculous sums of money.

Do not cost yourself valuable time with inexperience

Another reason to avoid lesser lawyers without experience is that they tend to be lacking in efficiency. This means that you could take four or five court sessions to handle what should have taken one or two. With that in mind, it is highly recommended – imperative, actually – that you hire a lawyer with proper experience.

The savings made with an inexperienced lawyer almost always come back in time or money costs. A more experienced attorney can find an amicable result that everyone can be happy enough with and can avoid the divorce from spilling over into long-term discord and disharmony.

With something as serious – and expensive – as divorce, do not cut any corners. Pay for the best attorney you can; their experience will pay for itself.

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