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So You Need a DUI Lawyer in Calgary

What Does This Charge Mean?

A DUI or DWI is an acronym for driving under the influence or driving while impaired, meaning you are drunk or high and you get behind the wheel of a motorized structure. If you are terrified at the possibility of such an interaction with police officers, you should be, because many people do not return home from such scary and dangerous situations. If you love a good business story, you have probably heard of many incredibly wealthy people who are able to circumvent any sort of charges they could have received for such a terrible crime, even if they harmed someone in the process! Ultimately, when we think about crimes, we should remember that for the very rich, a crime with a financial penalty is merely an inconvenience but for the poor, a crime is an extortion process.

This is why you simply must have a robust legal defense system in North America, especially in Calgary. This is a beautiful province in Southern Alberta, Canada, that is landlocked and full of very powerful people who have settled on land that used to belong to the Metis and Inuit peoples. The indigenous communities in Calgary that were displaced and absorbed have struggled with alcohol dependence due to the unequal treaties that occurred between the French, the British and the Aboriginal population in North America. In essence, the governments would trade diseased blankets, technologically late weaponry and alcohol for land, food and other comforts as Europeans forced their way into these lands without any scruples or morals.

This is why you have to work very hard to make sure you find someone you can simply trust completely, and it means that doing your research online to learn more about the right lawyer is worth the extra work. There are many private lawyers that can assist you with your struggles, who will help you walk away free! When we think about the number of DUI cases in this part of the province of Southern Alberta, we are remembering that these people are descended from many generations of people who have been conned and hoodwinked into having a problematic relationship with alcohol.

How Can We Get Help?

Just as the Europeans were looking for a group of people to corrupt, they found the group they were looking for, as Indigenous communities already had a traditional relationship with alcohol and that relationship was exploited by an increasingly large supply that overwhelmed the communities and created massive dependency issues alongside the attempt to defend the territory from encroaching colonizers. If you think about it historically, the behavior of Queen Victoria’s United Kingdom in China during the Opium Wars (which opened up that part of Asia to racist, unequal treaties) was replicated in that part of Southern Alberta with indigenous people and European invaders.

These people were not merely taking vacations in Central Canada. Instead, they were on colonizing missions that ultimately resulted in the massive death and destruction of hundreds of thousands of people in this area alone, eventually resulting in the deaths of millions of people. This cyclical relationship has resulted in the entrenched position of alcohol in these indigenous communities, and consequently, the victimization of these communities by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which is the official name for Canada’s police force. When we look at the way the history of DUIs are covered in Canadian history, there is actually a cover up — the Catholic church was an integral part of the way these communities and their children were treated, and as a result, investigating this process may result in the sentencing of church officials if it were to be investigated properly.

Situating Yourself Legally

Is this fair? Absolutely not, and as a result you will need a defense lawyer in Southern Alberta, specifically Calgary, if you are apprehended by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police while behind the wheel. There can even be problematic circumstances that you might discover if you simply take some cough medicine and drive your way home from work, as the combination of that cough medicine and your headache could result in you swerving as you drive. The tiny bit of alcohol that is in this medicine could end up in you being charged with a DUI, which could absolutely shock you to discover as you are simply trying to make your way to a soft bed and a chance to sleep the pain off. Even if you are following the rules to the hilt, there is always the possibility that some rogue police officer could charge you with an alcohol-related crime and destroy your life.

This is why if you are in Southern Alberta, especially Calgary, is a great website to check if you are looking to hire someone who will defend you to the best of their ability. Court can be intimidating — what with the gowns, powdered wigs, shawls and other forms of pomp and circumstance you find all over the world in various legal systems. If you are not even living in the country where you have been incarcerated, you can find yourself in a dangerous, scary situation without any institutional support in a place where your family members are minimal or entirely nonexistent. What then of your ability to draw on the kind of cultural capital that often results in an acquittal? Will you be able to draw on that type of social power to create an opportunity to free yourself?

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