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How Can a Lawyer Help Me After a Car Accident?

If you are a victim of a car crash that you did not cause, you may be tempted to allow the insurance companies to handle everything for you. You may believe that everything will work out for you since you were not the negligent party that caused the wreck. However, while this is a perfectly logical assumption, vehicular crash cases can become complicated very quickly. Moreover, conflicting points of view and very expensive bills can turn your settlement process into a nightmare. Thus, you are better off hiring an attorney because:

They have experience handling vehicular crashes

An experienced car accident lawyer handles crash claims every day. They know what causes the crashes, what their long and short-term effects are, and how much the claims are usually worth. In addition to that, they know the outcomes that are eligible for damages and how to calculate the value of those damages to help clients get full compensation. Thus, when you hire a professional, you will do everything they can to get you your full recovery.

They know all relevant laws

An experienced litigator fully understands the law and knows how to apply it in your particular case. Furthermore, an attorney knows the statute of limitations in your state and will act fast to ensure you file your case within the legal time limit.

Additionally, laws can change and a crash that happened last year may be handled a bit differently from a collision that happened today. You can be sure that an attorney is up to date with the latest version of the laws.

They can prove liability

You need to prove that the other party involved in the crash was liable for your claim to be successful and an experienced litigator can do this for you. They can strengthen your claim by proving that the other party owed you a duty of care, which they breached, causing you to sustain injuries and incur losses as a result.

They can prove liability by investigating in the following ways: by interviewing witnesses, gathering photos and video footage of the wreck, researching the road and weather conditions at the scene, and consulting experts for medical evaluations and accident reconstruction.

They can professionally deal with insurance companies

An attorney can communicate with insurance companies on your behalf by speaking for you through the phone or helping you to create a written statement so your words can be recorded correctly. In this way, you will not mistakenly ruin your claim or have your words taken out of context.

Insurance companies aim to make profits, like all businesses. This means they may pay you as little as possible. This is where an expert litigator comes in. If the insurance company tries to place their interests before yours by offering you insufficient compensation, your lawyer will be ready to fight for what is rightfully yours in court.

They will negotiate a settlement

You may not know how much your claim is worth if you don’t have a legal representative and may be tempted to accept the first offer from an insurance company after the vehicular crash. However, the initial amount they will offer may appear huge now but may become insufficient in the long run, especially if you need long-term medical attention or if you cannot work anymore due to your injuries.


If you decide to hire a legal representative, they will calculate how much your claim is worth and help you get it so you can be equipped to handle the long and very expensive process of recovery. So, you need to hire an attorney if you want your process of recovering damages to be smooth.

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