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When You Should Call Personal Injury Lawyer Binghamton NY

When you're caught most off-guard, that’s when accidents happen. Dangers lurk everywhere you go. No matter how careful you may be, no one is safe from accidents. Then, when an accident happens, you may be confused about what you should do next. Whether the accident is something as small as a dent or one with serious injuries, an accident is never pleasant.

Then, when there are injuries or casualties, legal action is undoubtedly involved. If you think that you can obtain compensation for your injuries without the help of a lawyer, you may be wrong. It can work to your advantage to have a personal injury lawyer by your side.

Here are four (4) scenarios when you should call a personal injury lawyer in Binghamton, New York:

1. You Don't Know The Personal Injury Laws Of New York

If you know for sure that you don't have any knowledge of the personal injury laws of New York, don't worry. Most people do not have this specialized knowledge. Only personal injury lawyers will have in-depth information about these laws. When you're aware that you need help along this line, have a lawyer by your side. That way, an expert can walk you through the legal process.

There are certain intricacies in personal injury laws where only a lawyer can help you. For instance:

  • There may be specifics about the law that could differ, depending on the state or local state and county that you belong to
  • The legal guidelines of personal injury claims can also differ, depending on the type and the severity of the injuries sustained

In simpler terms, different types of injuries will also have different applicable laws. To know more about this, click here to get in hold of a lawyer to get started.

2. You're Having A Hard Time With Insurance Companies

Aside from having little to no knowledge of insurance laws in whatever state in the USA, you may also have little knowledge about dealing with insurance companies.

Remember that, when you're going to face an insurance company, you're never in equal footing. These insurance companies know more about the ins and outs of insurance law than you do. So, this already puts you at a disadvantage. If you mistakenly directly go with what an insurance company offers you, you may not be getting the right compensation that's due to you. However, if you had no lawyer by your side helping you out, you would have no means of verifying this. Hence, when it is time for you to deal with insurance companies, it is best that you hire a personal injury lawyer to help you out.

3. You're Having A Hard Time With The Erring Party

Then, there are also times when you have a hard time dealing with an erring party. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. Not all who are liable are easy to deal with. Many could be settled amicably, while some others can take much more time and effort.

Adding this stress on top of the injuries that you may already have isn't always the most ideal situation. In some instances, perhaps you or your loved one may have to stay in the hospital for so long that they won't be able to meet regularly with the liable party for proper compensation.

This is another instance when you need a lawyer to help you out and give you enough assurance that you're being paid the right amount of compensation that you so deserve.

4. You're Running Against Time Before Your Claim Expires

When it comes to personal injury and medical malpractice cases, you're generally pressed by time. If you're not able to file your claim on time, then your claim may expire, also called the statute of limitations. You have to put your claim within the correct timeframe or, when the period expires, you're forever barred from filing your claim.

Many situations can test you in different ways. For instance, if you have to stay in the hospital for long, the other party is excessively aggravating, or you may not know your way around the court halls of Binghamton. If any of these can waste your time, it's best to leave everything in the hands of an expert personal injury lawyer.


With all these general pointers, remember that there's no uniform approach or timeline about when to best call a personal injury lawyer. The most prudent advice is to always call a personal injury lawyer as soon as the accident happens, particularly when you have no idea at all as to what it is that you should do next. With a lawyer by your side, you know for sure that you're in good hands and you can be adequately compensated for whatever damages or injuries were done to you.

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