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How to Select the Best Bail Bondsman

Getting arrested can be one of the worst things a person may experience. And being detained because of not having enough resources to post a bail makes it worse. So how do you get out of jail? Well, depending on the circumstances you may need to call a bail bondsman. But with so many bail bond companies today, who do you reach out to? How do you choose the best?

To help you figure out, you need to see if it qualifies based on the following criteria: license, good reputation, availability, and reasonable and honest fees. You will only find out these information through personal research. What information, then, should you look for in each criterion?

  • License. A reliable bail bondsman must have a license. Why is this important? This career involves legal matters and risks. Thus, a competent bail bondsman is knowledgeable and equipped. Same is true with a bail bonds company.
  • Good reputation. Would you seek the help of a bail bondsman who is known for dishonesty and misdemeanor? Probably not. Perhaps, you are assuming that he would likely do the same with you. Hence, a reliable bail bondsman is someone who has a good track record—who is known for being honest, professional, and kind. But how do you learn about this? Read online reviews about them. What do most people say about them? It pays to spend some time scrolling and reading other people’s feedback. Also, lawyers, judges, and detention officers can recommend reliable bail bondsmen. By experience, they must know each local bail bondsman very well. Thus, it would be wise to seek their advice.
  • Availability. An arrest can happen at any given time. Therefore, a good bail bondsman must be available to contact any time of the day. Small companies are usually a challenge to contact, since only a few people are working. So if you are looking for a bail bondsman as soon as possible, it would be best to reach out to a bail bond company or agency. 
  • Reasonable and honest fees. Sure, fees and charges are part of the business. Generally, bail bond agencies charge their clients 10% of the total amount of bail. But, let’s say that one bail bondsman offered you a much lower rate of 5%. Does that automatically make him the best choice? Well, not really. A low rate, 5% or lower, can be an indication that the bail bondsman is not experienced, not reputable, and is doing something illegal; and he is lowering the rate to compensate those. Thus, in your discussion, do not hesitate to ask about their fees and payment options. A good bail bondsman is honest and upfront in discussing fees and charges. Just like any business, you need to pay a certain amount in exchange for something.

There may be a lot of bail bondsmen and bail bond companies that confess to be the best. But who do you choose? Basically, follow the criteria above, and you will certainly not go wrong in finding the best bail bondsman.

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