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All About Atlanta, Georgia's Employee Benefits & Work Compensation Laws

Life is a game of chance. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. No one can really tell when something good is going to happen to you or when something bad can suddenly hit your right in the face. Thankfully, like any game of chance, you as a human can do something to change some of the odds to favor you. You can lower the chances of losing and increase the chances of winning.

In your life like everyone else’s, there is a role that you will have to play. A part of this is going to school, learning, maybe go to college, start a business, start and family and of course also go to work to earn a living. As you earn a living, we cannot deny the fact that anything can still happen.  You earn a living to lower the chances of losing in life but yet it is just chances and that means there is also a possibility that you can still lose.

Now, to be able to lower the possibilities of losing, you can find ways to make sure that you don’t lose totally. One of these ways is buying insurance. But just in case you don’t have the capacity to buy insurance; the government is one step ahead in this area thankfully. The government has set up laws to protect workers in case something bad happens to them in relation to the work that they are doing for a living. Click this link to learn more about this government protection:

You can get sick because you are working so well and this should be compensated for, or you can meet an accident on your way to work on the way to a job site and this too should be well compensated. As you know, being sick or injured will render you unable to work and being unable to work will cause you to stop earning a living, The company you are working for is reaping the benefits of your hard work and the risks you took so you need to be well compensated.

However, some companies take advantage of the fact that most people don’t know much about the law and it is important to ask for the assistance of labor law firms like the Ramos Law Firm - Atlanta, Georgia. These kinds of law firms know exactly what you need and will help you get the compensation that you deserve and to get it in a timely manner when you need it the most.

Nonetheless, it is also benefiting that you have a little knowledge of the laws of compensation in Georgia yourself so that you at least know if you are getting enough help or if its’ time to ask for the assistance of the good lawyers.

Here are some facts about employment benefits and compensation law:

What does Worker Compensation Cover?

Worker’s compensation benefits cover all injuries, sickness and even death in relation to the work that you are doing for the company. Whether you are working at home, on your way to work, on your way home from work, on a business trip, or on your lunch break, and obviously when you are at work, everything that happens at these times is all covered by the worker’s compensation law. On recent news, a married man was paid workers compensation for dying due to cardiac arrest while having sex with someone on a business trip.

Don’t Wait More Than a Month

According to the laws of the state of Georgia, worker’s compensation benefits need to be filed within 30 days after the accident, sickness or death. If you cannot file, it yourself, have someone from your family, close friends or even a lawyer to file it for you.

To file for worker’s compensation benefits, you will need to procure two copies of form W-C14 from the board of worker’s compensation which you will have to fill out and then send one to your employer and the other to the insurance carrier of the worker’s compensation for your company. Click here for a copy of the W-C14 form.

These benefits that the government is requiring companies to give are very beneficial especially for most of the people who are depending on their incomes to survive. You won‘t be getting the full amount of your salary, rather you will only get 2/3 of your weekly salary or a max of $575 per week. This will be enough to get you by until you are well enough to work again. 

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