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5 ways to strengthen your Personal Injury claim

When an accident happens and it isn’t your fault, the consequences can be devastating for everyone involved! So, when you decide to file a personal injury claim, it totally natural to feel anxious and worried that your claim won’t be taken seriously or won’t get you the result you want – even though someone else was to blame. Receiving compensation will certainly help you on the road to recovery, from assistance with sky high medical bills and a potential loss of earnings to think about, it’s no wonder so many claimants feel the pressure.

However the fate of your case doesn’t just lie in the hands of your attorney – check out this Toronto pedestrian lawyer if you’re still searching for experienced representation – every action you take after your injury can and will influence your case. You have more control over your case than you might think, so read on for 5 ways you can strengthen your personal injury claim.

Preserve evidence as much as possible

As in any legal case, evidence plays a huge role. And a jury will probably decide the outcome of your case based on the evidence that is presented. In short, the more you can do to present and preserve evidence, the stronger your case will be. Evidence such as photographs of the scene where the incident occurred – the immediate aftermath is preferable – pictures of your injuries again, the sooner the better, medical reports from your doctor, police reports which you can request copies of, and information gathered from witnesses are a good place to start.

Seek out medical treatment

Even if your injuries don’t initially seem that bad, you should still seek medical treatment. Not all injuries manifest themselves immediately after an incident, so it’s important to get yourself checked out. Your medical provider will also be able to document your injuries and also provide a treatment plan for your recuperation. This kind of documentation has the potential to increase the settlement that the defendants offer. 

Discover the category of damages

No claim is black and white, and there in fact several kinds of damages you can file for, not just a physical injury. From emotional and psychological damages, to the loss of movement and independence, not forgetting loss of earnings. Your legal representative should go through these additional claims with you.

Be patient

You’ve been injured and you want justice for the inconvenience, the trauma and the loss of earnings. So it’s completely natural to want a settlement as quickly as possible so you can get on with your life! However, don’t be too eager. Show that you’re willing to go the distance and consider rejecting the first offer of compensation. If you truly believe that you deserve more then let them know. Speak with your attorney who will advise you fully and handle this part of the claim.

Don’t wait to file

When an injury occurs, the clock has already started counting down on your case. There are deadlines in place for personal injury claims so get the ball rolling. It will help to strengthen your case and you’ll be able to gather plenty of fresh evidence.

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