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How To Move Forward After Medical Residency Termination?

Medical residents have faced several challenges. Dismissal or termination of medical residency can be a significant threat to the substantial investments and time one may put into the medical career. Several reasons can contribute to one’s medical residency termination. 

The termination can be avoided through due process appeals or legal action. It will be advisable to contact a legal professional if you face any medical residency issues. While these reasons can range in every case, they will be beneficial for you to know how you can move ahead after facing medical residency termination. 

Steps to take after facing termination from a medical residency: 

  • Appeal policy 

The first step is to find out about your program’s due process appeal policy. After finding out the appeal process, you should ask for a timely appeal. These policies can range vastly. You should know that the deadline for asking for an appeal is 72 hours after the happening of the action. Hence, it will be in your best interest to quickly obtain information about the appeal process after facing termination. 

  • Documentation 

Documents play a vital role in the process of dealing with termination. Gathering and organizing the documents relevant to your case will be necessary. You must include general policy-type documents and discipline-specific documents. You can hire a lawyer if you need legal assistance in the documentation process. Documents can consist of annual assessments submitted to the board or other entities, letters, memos, rotation evaluations, and emails regarding one’s performance. 

  • Logical thinking 

After facing termination from medical residency, likely, one might not think logically and be inclined more toward emotional thinking. It will be in your best interest not to make matters worse by doing something or taking wrong actions toward the board. One must be professional and above board when dealing with termination from medical residency and think logically before taking any step. 

  • Caution 

One must take great caution when asked to sign any agreement or to resign in place of dismissal or non-dismissal. One might be asked to sign a “last chance” agreement when terminated from a medical residency program. Taking precautions will be necessary whenever asked to sign any agreement or contract as the medical resident’s best interests will be focused. 

  • Legal counsel 

Consulting a legal counsel or professional can provide significant help to the medical resident who has been facing termination. An experienced attorney who can handle such matters will assess your situation and analyze what arguments can be used in your favor. A detailed review by the legal counsel can increase the chances of the case being concluded in your favor. 

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