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5 Benefits to Having an Adoption Attorney On Your Side

The decision to pursue adoption and expand your family is exciting and emotional.  You need to navigate deciding which form of adoption may be right for you.  Do you want to go domestic or find a child internationally?  Do you want to adopt from the private sector or via a public agency?  No matter what you decide, a family lawyer may be able to lend a compassionate ear and guide your family through this exciting time.

A local adoption attorney can provide you with resources you need to begin the adoption process. For example, many adoption attorneys keep a list of approved agencies who have great reputations. Additionally attorneys will be familiar with the process able to assist in obtaining the necessary clearances and background checks, which are a prerequisite to becoming adoptive parents.

Most importantly, when it comes time to legalize your adoption and welcome that special child into your home and life, your attorney can ensure the process is complete by filing all necessary court petitions and documents.

Many clients reach out to attorneys with a swirl of questions.  Having an attorney on your side can help provide clarity and guidance.

Here are the main benefits to hiring an adoption attorney:

  1. An attorney can provide an unbiased explanation of your adoption method choices, offer supportive resources and help develop a legally secure plan that makes your family feel comfortable.
  2. An attorney can explain your rights and the adoption laws in a language you can understand, without all the legal jargon.
  3. An attorney can help you assess the risks involved, the costs, proper termination of the birth parents’ rights and formal finalization.
  4. An adoption attorney can be your liaison to any adoption agency you may decide to work with, reviewing contracts and forms.
  5. An attorney can explain state and local laws that could apply to your adoption.

If you are thinking of beginning the adoption process, please contact the office of Petrelli Previtera to schedule your initial consultation.

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