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FAQs About DoorDash Car Accidents

Doordash is a company that helps local businesses for serving the different needs of consumers conveniently. It is mainly used as a food delivery service. The individuals responsible for delivering the items are known as dashers. If you were involved in a door dash car accident, visit a Los Angeles DoorDash accident attorney to discuss your legal options. 

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about it. 

1. Does door dash provide any insurance to its dashers?

Door dash provides auto insurance for the drivers involved in delivering food. However, this insurance policy is applicable only in accidents when the driver is using a motor vehicle during an active delivery. Active delivery refers to the period when a dasher accepts the request for delivery till the time when the order is received or canceled by the consumer. 

Suppose the dasher is found to be online but has not accepted any official delivery request. In that case, they will be personally responsible for covering the damages of any accidents caused during that time. Doordash will not be liable for recovering the losses under these circumstances. 

Additionally, the insurance policy of Doordash is inapplicable until the dasher does not go through their auto insurance primarily and the insurance company declines the claim. The Driver is solely responsible for the damages caused to the vehicles in the crash. The personal insurance of the dasher will address their coverage. 

Doordash mandates all workers to keep an updated auto insurance policy. If the dasher is slacking in maintaining their insurance, the door dash coverage will not apply. 

2. What is meant by DoorDash’s Occupational Accident Policy?

DoorDash insurance coverage applies to dashers who have suffered an injury while completing an active delivery. The coverage of this insurance policy is limited to recovering the injuries sustained by the dasher. This policy is inapplicable to the damages caused to cars, bikes, or other vehicles used in the delivery process. 

The insurance policy of door dash consists of the following coverages. 

  • Medical Costs
  • Disability payment
  • Survivors payment

3. Who is covered under the occupational accident policy?

All dashers employed in the United States were automatically covered by the occupational accident insurance policy of Doordash, given they must adhere to the policy's terms, conditions, limitations, and exceptions. 

4. What happens if the dasher gets injured and is unable to make deliveries?

Suppose the dasher employed in the United States is found to be disabled and limited to making deliveries. In that case, they will be covered by $500 every week for paying for injuries arising from the accident. 

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