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How should you sue for pregnancy discrimination?

Discriminating against a female employee in the context of her pregnancy is one of the most unethical practices commonly seen in the corporate world. Although the Federal Government of the nation have passed several laws ensuring protection against pregnant female employees of commercial organizations, discrimination on the basis of pregnancy is quite common.

A harrowing experience

Without a doubt it can be summarized that facing discrimination at your workplace due to your pregnancy can be a highly harrowing and insulting experience. Motherhood is a natural phenomena and a right of every woman. Being pregnant does not make a female employee incapable of rendering perfect professional services. If the pregnant female employee is not advised against working by her doctor then she must be given equal opportunity to continue with her professional career. Any stand on the part of the management of the company where she is working which aims at reducing her, ill treating her or discriminating against her, can be considered as an illegal action. This is when without a doubt your dilemma of should you sue for pregnancy discrimination must be answer in favor of the proposition. Management of commercial entities who have this kind of an attitude must face the consequences as such discrimination is a way of violating the rules and laws laid down by the Federal Government of the nation.

Always take professional help

Pregnancy discrimination is one of the most common discrimination faced by female professionals across the world. This is a time when a woman happens to be in a very special place in her life. This is when she is not only a little vulnerable emotionally and physically but at the same time she also needs to cling to her financial Independence. If you are facing pregnancy discrimination to take all the duo steps and action against your management you will definitely need the support, assistance and guidance of a professional pregnancy discrimination lawyer. Before you begin any procedure against your company always consult a professional lawyer for your benefit.

When to take help

Before you do take a step against your management it is imperative that you are aware of all your rights as a pregnant employee of the company. This is where a professional pregnancy discrimination lawyer can help you with all the information and data on this particular topic. These lawyers are the best people who can update you regarding conditions that can be considered as permanent discrimination against pregnant female employee take a look at them:

  • Refusing a pregnant female applicants job vacancy in the company.
  • Demoting the employee for this increasing her from her job due to her being pregnant.
  • Refusing to offer the lady or a similar job from where she had resigned before delivering her child during her maternity leave.
  • Giving different treatments to your pregnant female employee then what is given to your other employees who are physically disabled.

Issuing the complaint

You need to file a charge of discrimination against your employer when you experience discrimination at your workplace. This is the first procedure you must begin with if you intend to take up a discrimination lawsuit. The EEOC complaint happens to be the exact precursor required for search lawsuits. The charge must be filed within 180 days of discriminatory incidents with you full stop in the very beginning you must give a detailed information about yourself the company where your working and also the discriminatory act that has been committed against you. Now it is up to the EEOC charge list or a copy of itself to your employer. They will not conduct the entire investigation to find out all about the charges. You must remember to maintain the deadline of filing the charge if you do not wish your claim to get dismissed.


Filing a complaint against the companies and the authorities promoting discrimination against pregnant employees is more than imperative. This is one type of discrimination whose spread has to be arrested in the corporate world without fail. Only a diligent following of the norms can make the companies across the world aware of the steps that can e taken against them in case they do not provide proper support to their pregnant female employees.

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