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DAO Company Formation in Lithuania

Why Open A Legal DAO Company in Lithuania?

Before figuring out why DAO company registration in Lithuania is a good option in and of itself, we need to understand what the acronym DAO actually means. It stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, a novel type of corporate entity that operates on a blockchain with no centralized authority or a specific person(s) to call the shots. Compared to traditional business structures, there are many differences, including:

  1. Transparency. DAT (Decentralized Autonomous Trust) guarantees that DAO is financially sustainable.

  2. Decentralization. As mentioned above, there’s not a single person at the helm, which means increased accountability and profitability for ALL members.

  3. Automatization. Decisions are put into effect in an automated fashion once the rules are set.

  4. Community-driven. Each holder of a token impacts the decision-making process in equal measure because there’s no hierarchy in place.

These and many other benefits are what make the DAO technology such an attractive and potentially viable business model for entrepreneurs and firms looking to operate out of Lithuania.

How Long Will It Take to Register a DAO Company in Lithuania?

Creating a DAO is not a difficult task if you understand how to go about it. This is why DAO-creating projects are popping up all over the world at the moment. Let’s say that you choose Lithuania as your base of operations. You need an advisor with a strong base in Lithuanian legal knowledge, someone with a clear idea of what you need to do and what legal steps you need to take care of. The work of creating a DAO company can be done within a few days if you choose to seek outside help instead of plunging headfirst into unfamiliar territory. 

How to Open a Bank Account in Lithuania For a Legal Entity?

You don’t have to live in Lithuania in order to register a DAO there, but you will need an authorized representative from the country. You may need to have a bank account just in case you will have to deal with non-DAO legal entities in Lithuania. It’s not that hard to set up with a local bank – the entire process shouldn’t take longer than a few days, at most.

What Organizational / Legal Things to Consider Before Even Starting a Company in Lithuania?

You need to take into consideration the fact that the DAO business model is still very new and there are a lot of uncertainties involved. None of them are directly related to profitability, so you don’t need to be concerned about that. Additionally, these are the things you need to consider before launching a DAO in Lithuania:

  1. The profits for token holders are calculated based on a holder’s contributions and the number of digital assets held at the time of a vote.

  2. There’s no fiduciary duty involved. To put it bluntly, the members are not bound by the same duties that a traditional company has.

Why Is It So Easy to Do Crypto Business in Lithuania?

You can launch a business in Lithuania that deals with anything that can be considered blockchain-based, including cryptocurrency and NFT. This country is well-known for its excellent infrastructure for technology, finance, and higher education, so it comes as no surprise that many tech companies and startups plan to headquarter in Lithuania in the near future. Even businesses and entrepreneurs that don't want to establish physical presence in the country are finding it a good option to become a part of Lithuania's rapidly developing tech scene. The Lithuanian government is doing its absolute best to promote a favorable and welcoming environment for all businesses and entrepreneurs looking to set up shop in the country. The state is actively collaborating with many foreign tech companies to help stay up-to-date on all the latest trends and developments in blockchain technology, which promotes even more growth for the tech-savvy blockchain community in the country. In short, it's easy to do crypto business in Lithuania because the country is offering the entire package: the great infrastructure, friendly legal system, reliable economic growth, and a budding crypto-friendly business community.

Why Do People Choose Lithuania For Starting a DAO Company?

Historically, Lithuania has been at the forefront of technological development for quite a while now, so the country is offering an unprecedented level of support for anyone interested in starting a tech-related business. DAOs are not an exception to this rule. Moreover, the level of support from government and regulation agencies is steadily growing since everyone is able to recognize the potential of the technology and are striving to work together to make this innovative tech sector even more inclusive.

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