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Car Accident Lawyers in Chicago: What to know while traveling

If you’ve been in a car accident while traveling in Chicago, the team and Langdon & Emison can make sure your case is handled promptly and fairly.

Car accidents in Chicago happen every day. In 2018 alone there were nearly 99,000 accidents within the city. Motorists who are not familiar with Illinois driving laws will likely have questions regarding their options and accident claims.

Langdon & Emison’s 30 years of experience has made them a trusted resource for motorists dealing with the aftermath of a Chicago car accident.

Here are a few tips if you’ve been in a Chicago car accident

1.        Understand the Illinois fault-based system

            In Illinois, drivers who cause car accidents are accountable for paying for damages, but both drivers may be held partially liable for an accident. Any awards are usually diminished based on the level of fault a driver is found to have.

2.     Get in touch with a Chicago car accident lawyer as soon as possible

            If you were involved in a car accident in Chicago, it’s important to hire an attorney before you make any significant decisions. An experienced attorney can be especially helpful if you suffered serious injuries, the other driver is accusing you of being at fault, you receive a low settlement offer, and your own negotiations are not working.

3.     File a claim within two years of the date of the accident

            The State of Illinois has a two-year statute of limitations on lawsuits related to car accidents. However, it’s important to begin the claims process as soon as possible to avoid any delays caused by the insurance companies. Hiring a Chicago car accident attorney early in the process can make it easier to navigate the claims process and possible litigation down the road.

4.     Prepare for the possibility of appearing in Chicago court

            Most car accidents can be settled without needing to go to court, but sometimes you’ll need to appear in court. This typically happens when an insurance company does not want to pay a claim or if the at-fault party does not have auto insurance. A Chicago car accident attorney can make managing court appearances much easier, especially if you live somewhere else and you’re not familiar with the Illinois legal system. 

5.     Gather as much information as possible before leaving Chicago

            It’s important to get all of the necessary documents and information following a car accident so you can file a claim with your insurance company. Be sure to request a police report for your accident case, collect the other driver’s contact information and insurance information, witness contact information, a detailed medical diagnosis if you were injured, and photos of the accident. A car accident lawyer in Chicago can help collect this evidence on your behalf so you can focus on recovering from your accident. 

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