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5 benefits of hiring a Kansas City personal injury lawyer

A successful Kansas City personal injury claim usually begins by reaching out to a qualified personal injury lawyer.

In Kansas City, there’s no better team of personal injury attorneys at Langdon & Emison. With 30 years of experience and $1 billion secured through verdicts and settlements, Kansas City trusts us to handle their personal injury claims.  

Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a personal injury lawyer

1. A personal injury lawyer is experienced in handling complex insurance claims

            The nationally recognized team at Langdon & Emison has handled cases concerning injuries and fatalities resulting from vehicle accidents, product defects, unsafe construction, and professional negligence. We can confidently evaluate your unique personal injury case and get started advocating for your rights as an accident victim right away.

2. You’ll have someone there to communicate and negotiate on your behalf

            After an accident, you likely do not want to spend time communicating back-and-forth with insurance companies. Our team of attorneys are experts at handling personal injury claims and communicating your needs clearly and efficiently. When it’s time to negotiate a settlement, an attorney will be able to quickly assess how to get their client the best possible outcome.

3. A Kansas City personal injury lawyer can collect evidence to build a solid claim

            A personal injury lawyer can research and gather important evidence, witness statements, and reports to help build a solid personal injury claim on your behalf. Our team of experienced attorneys will give the insurance companies all they need to pay you the money you deserve after an accident.

4. Langdon & Emison can help establish who was at fault in an accident

            Sometimes there is question on who is at fault in an accident, or how much fault each party should have. An attorney can accurately determine whether or not you were at fault, and help negotiate better terms if you are found partially at fault in an accident. Even if you were found to be partially at fault in an accident, you can still be entitled to compensation for damages you suffered.

5. A personal injury lawyer can expertly argue your case in court

            Most personal injury claims can be handled outside of the courtroom, but if the insurance companies refuse to offer you a fair settlement, an attorney with Langdon & Emison can file a lawsuit on your behalf and present your case to a judge or jury. Our attorneys have successfully represented clients in local and national courts across the country, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

How to contact Langdon & Emison

Get in touch with a Kansas City personal injury lawyer at Langdon & Emison online or at 314-638-1500 to schedule a free case evaluation. Our team is happy to hear more about your case and answer any questions you may have.

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