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9 Ways to Optimize Your Attorney Website and Land More Clients

In the past, people relied mainly on traditional advertising or personal recommendation when hiring a lawyer. Now, Google has helped people easily find and hire an attorney in their specific locations within a few minutes.

What's more? Online local reviews on the attorney's page can serve as word-of-mouth referrals to the prospect. Thus, as an attorney looking to increase their clientele, you'll need to have a web presence. However, it's one thing to have the best legal website and another to generate new leads that convert to clients from it.

Suppose your website is struggling to generate leads or traffic for your law firm, check if prospects can find your website easily on the search engine.

The average internet user hardly goes past the search engine result's first page. Therefore, people won't likely find you if your website comes up on the second, third, or even further down the page. Hence, you need to optimize your website and make it visible to prospects.

Optimizing your attorney website puts it on search engines and prospects' faces, meaning they know what you do and who you are. The result is higher search engine ranking, increased web traffic, and more leads that turn to clients.

Suppose you don't have a website yet for your law firm; quickly get one created by a professional like to avoid losing clients. Then follow these nine tips to optimize the site:

Perform Basic Keyword Research

As an attorney with a website, you must have a primary keyword strategy for your site. However, you must have been providing content that might likely convince your site visitor to hire you when they need your services.

Simply put, you need to determine keywords your prospects are searching for on search engines and include them on your website. That way, your website can receive more traffic than your competitors.

Optimize for Mobile Search

According to Statista, more than 54.8 percent of website visitors are mobile devices, so ensure your site is mobile-friendly. You'll need to verify your website on Search Console, have an award-winning site design, optimal page speed, and a great site structure.

Don't joke with your local SEO. You lose lots of clients when your law firm is hard to find in local searches. Since most people who visit search engines do so with their mobile phones, ensure your site is user-friendly so you can easily convert them.

Incorporate Strong Calls to Action

If you receive many visitors on your site but find it difficult to convert them, consider including a strong call to action (CTA). However, ensure to provide several avenues where your visitors can easily reach you.

Remember that you'll be needing quality website design and legal content writing for the CTA to work.

Maintain Focus

Although your site should focus on your practice area, ensure your attorney website pages discuss a specific topic. For instance, suppose you're a criminal defense lawyer, it'd be best if you categorize theft, federal crimes, DUI, and drug crimes on separate pages to provide value to your visitors. Besides your site visitors quickly navigating information, search engines will love these structured pages. 

However, ensure each page contains the primary keyword you want it to rank for so that the search engine crawler can easily index the pages.

Request for Reviews on GMB

Most people always check for reviews on websites before hiring a law firm's services because reviews are the fastest way to gain valuable information about the firm.

Consider asking your clients to drop a review on your Google My Business (GMB). That way, your website will rank higher in local search engine result pages (SERPs).

Build Backlinks

One best way to bolster your website's ranking is to increase your inbound links, popularly called link building. Quality links that point back to your website pages are necessary for increasing your site's domain authority.

Link building is essential for increasing your webpage search engine rankings—the higher your page ranking, the higher your website's appearance on SERPs.

Include Videos

One thing that distinguishes top attorney websites is video content. Videos are the best way to provide thorough explanations for topics people are possibly searching for online. More so, you can always replace short keywords with long-tail key phrases when you include a video.

Consider embedding videos in your website pages, especially in the FAQ section if you're optimizing your website. That way, you increase your chances of ranking higher in SERPs in a placement called position zero or featured snippet.

Rely on LSI Keyword

Latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords are phrases and terms that are related to a target keyword. Therefore, you'll need to use them on your website to help build your page's theme.

LSI keywords are those related phrases that appear at the SERPs bottom. You can use them to generate additional keywords for increasing your website optimization.

Selecting one of those LSI keywords will disclose the search terms associated with your last search, helping you generate extra new keywords.

Deliver Quality User Experience

One way to optimize websites for lawyers is to deliver a quality user experience. Writing relevant and descriptive tags will primarily increase your click-through rate (CTR). Relevant metadata will also significantly boost your organic CTR.

Your meta description and title tags are your free ad copy in search engine result pages. Therefore, ensure you make it effective and include a CTA like a contact address or number in the metadata. Don't forget to localize your content.


Presently, people are taking advantage of the Internet for diverse reasons ranging from shopping to hiring an attorney. Therefore, having a trusted and strong online presence from an optimized attorney website is vital for your business.

While you might gain new clients from local advertising and word-of-mouth referrals and enjoy an enormous local reputation, some prospects who may need your services might not know how to reach you.

Thus optimizing your law firm's website will ensure your site ranks higher so potential clients can easily see you. Consider using these tips mentioned above to optimize your website.

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