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How to Choose a Car Accident Lawyer Near You

When it comes to choosing a car accident lawyer near you, like Dunlap Injury Law, the best way to do it is to understand what you are hoping to get out of hiring them. In the aftermath of a car accident, many things are confusing, frustrating and just plain upsetting. Dealing with hospital staff, emergency services and anyone else involved can be challenging at the best of times, and after an accident, it is often the last thing we want to do.

However, these experiences are often necessary to understand and move forward with a personal injury claim. After all, having the information readily available to share with your car accident lawyer, an insurance company or any other relevant party can help save time. But, before any of these actions can occur, you must first meet with and choose the lawyer you want to represent you in the proceedings.

Below, we look at what traits to select for when choosing a car accident lawyer. These traits may seem general at first, but this is an intentional action to better equip you with the universal skills and understanding necessary to make good decisions about professional services. Continue reading down below to learn more.

The Car Accident Lawyer Traits to Select For


Perhaps the most critical trait to consider when looking for an accident lawyer near you is the experience they bring to the table. Experience is often the defining trait of a lawyer, especially when that experience is hard-won in the jurisdiction where they practice and where you reside. The right experience not only allows these legal professionals to understand the right way to move forward but also gives them the wealth of knowledge they need to get you maximum compensation for your claim.


Service is another important part of any professional interaction, and lawyers are no exception. Long gone are the days of fly-by-night lawyers looking to make a quick buck. Now, you can expect that you are dealing with competent and qualified professionals, and this should be evident in the service they provide. Avoid lawyers who don’t answer their phone, act curtly or seem dismissive and disinterested in your concerns.


The unfortunate reality of being a lawyer is that one of their main roles is to defend their clients. This also often means that they have to strike first, and personal injury law is a clear example of this, as it usually begins with a letter of intent being sent to the insurance company or other responsible party.

Therefore, your chosen lawyer should have a fair amount of voracity in their demeanour. You should feel comfortable and confident that they are willing to fight for your best interests against all odds rather than worrying that they are just waiting for the case to fail. Contingency fees help ensure this outcome, but they are not the only option.


Finally, along with the need for experience comes the need for knowledge. Too often do professionals take their work and skills for granted, slowly atrophying and losing interest as their careers progress. When selecting an injury lawyer to represent you, it helps to ensure that they are still willing to learn, admit their mistakes and take calculated risks. These are all indicators of someone still hoping to learn more and do better, generally.

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