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Myths About Criminal Defence Lawyers

Criminal defence lawyers are among the most common types of lawyers that we are exposed to in popular culture. With the dramatic storylines that can be developed around such an area of law, it’s not surprising that television and movie writers choose to explore criminal cases over other streams, such as family or civil. However, this can create the potential for misrepresentation and misconceptions, thus resulting in the perpetuated myths that surround the profession. It’s important to know the distinction between fact and fiction, so let’s break down some of the most common myths that surround criminal defence lawyers.

A Criminal Defence Lawyer Can Do It All

While criminal law is a subset of the field of law, it can actually branch off further. With the variety of criminal cases that are tried every year, criminal defence lawyers are able to find more success when they focus on a specific area of the law, such as DUI, criminal mischief, or assault cases.

While criminal defence lawyers are legally allowed to take on any type of criminal case, most prefer to find an area of practice that they excel at, allowing them to build experience and expertise. Not only will this afford them the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the legal system and feel more comfortable tackling such cases, but clients will feel more confident hiring a lawyer who has a proven track record in their designated stream.

That’s why many law firms will choose to specialize in criminal law, such as Alberta Criminal Defence Lawyers, as they understand that their area of law will be broken down even more.

Hiring A Criminal Defence Lawyer Will Make You Look Guilty

Whenever someone hires the best criminal defence lawyer in a tv show, the audience immediately becomes suspicious of them; why would they need the best if they’re innocent? However, in reality, this could not be further from the truth. It is your right to hire an attorney of your choice, so if you’re ever in a situation in which a criminal defence lawyer is required, why would you settle for subpar representation? Police, prosecutors, and the judge should only assume that you know your rights when you opt for a criminal defence lawyer that tackles cases with undeniable success.

Criminal Defence Lawyers Are Unethical

Criminal defence lawyers have long been painted as shady characters who are deprived of morals and are only in it for the money. Of course, this is another misconception. Our justice system only works if every role is being played with vigour and dedication. Criminal defence lawyers have the difficult task of balancing client interests with obligations to the justice system. While they are tirelessly committed to helping their clients and strive for success in every case, criminal defence lawyers will not compromise their ethical standards or jeopardize their license to practice law during a case.

The More Expensive, The Better

In movies and tv shows, characters will often brag about how expensive their lawyer is, as though it’s a measure of their capabilities. However, the most expensive criminal defence lawyers are not always the best. While law firms can run the spectrum on what you can expect to pay, their rate does not always correlate with their track record. Instead, while searching for your criminal defence lawyer, look into their success rate and their years of experience in their area of specialty.

All Criminal Defence Lawyers Are The Same

Ultimately, criminal defence lawyers are attorneys second and people first. Their job does not erase their varying personalities, perspectives, and approaches, which are all factors you may want to consider when determining whether they’d be a good fit for you.

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