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How Can An Expert DUI Attorney Help You?

In the United States, 28 people die every day because of drunk-driving crashes.

When you are a convict of DUI (driving under influence), it is very important that you hire a Phoenix DUI Attorney so that his legal expertise in this field may guide you to deal well with various tasks and charges related to your case.

If your case proceeds to a criminal court, the taking help of expert DUI attorney is a must. An expert DUI attorney will help you in all multiple ways that you badly needed. Here are few of them listed below:

Knows how to handle DUI charges

If you are arrested because of a DUI charge, an expert DUI attorney will help you deal with the charges instantly. Apt legal help of a lawyer will help you understand the severity of your crime as well as help you understanding how to handle the entire legal process to find the best possible solution of your problem.

DUI attorney will also help you by assisting you about questions which the officers at the local department may ask you. A lawyer can better tell which kind of evidence is required to be collected and what investigation should be carried out.  And if your case goes for a trial, your DUI lawyer would help you in refuting the evidence and the arguments presented by the prosecutor. All this is only possible with the help of an expert UDI lawyer.

Finds out the type of your charges

Asking help of a DUI attorney is inevitable when you are facing second charge or especially when your charges increase to the felony level. When your crimes are increased, it increases the level of charges on you also. You may have to face the serious charges if your rash driving has caused an injury or death of a person or have damaged the property of another person. You have to face the charges depending on the severity of your crime.

So, it is imperative to have an expert DUI attorney which could support you through the entire legal process to give you a better understanding of the legal procedures involved to get you out of blue. You might need a legal representative which could help you the trial if your case goes to court trial. Only an appropriate legal lawyer could hire a suitable professional like a private investigator or an expert witness to develop a strong defense against your defender.     

Finds loopholes in the chemical tests

A skilled DUI lawyer will also take the responsibility of looking at the results of your blood or breath which were taken at the time when you were arrested. If your lawyer finds out in investigation that the breathalyzer was not maintained properly or the right procedure was not followed by at the lab, your blood or breath related tests will not considered right so they could not be admitted at the court trial. Similarly, your BAC (blood alcohol content) levels tend to rise naturally with passing time. If your breath was tested hours after your arrest, it may show a high level of BAC then you had at the time when you were driving. It means this is a loophole which only an expert DUI lawyer can investigate and expose in the trial to defend your case.

Investigates your arrest

A seasoned DUI lawyer will see your arrest reports to check whether the police officer has followed the law properly or not. If someone has wrongly pulled over your vehicle can result an innocent person getting charged. It could also be possible that the police officer may not have followed a proper procedure while arresting you. If that proved correct by your DUI attorney, your case can simply be dismissed. If your arresting police officer didn’t inform you that refusing a breathalyzer a crime after you were arrested, it might be a reason of dismissal of additional charges that were put on you.

Chooses the best defense strategy

DUI lawyers are trained and specialized people in their filed. They exactly know different strategies to point out the mistakes which can make you to arrest. They have a unique ability to find those mistakes done intentionally or un-intentionally can get them charged. It might happen that innocent people get charged of sever charges. When an expert UDI lawyer exposes these mistakes in the prosecution, the case might take a turn to beat your DUI charges.

May help avoid conviction

The lawyer helps the suspected driver of DUI case by avoiding the conviction. He would do it through a court trial in the presence of Jury or a judge. The regular way is through a plea bargain. The DUI lawyer will help you negotiating with the judge to minimize the chances of serious penalty or conviction. Your lawyer will utilize best of his ability to refute the arguments and evidences presented by the prosecutor to obtain the best possible outcome. He will try to protect from you going behind the bars. A seasoned lawyer has an ability to practice a very careful compromise with the prosecutor. It is very much possible to avoid DUI conviction if your plea bargain is proved useful for the prosecutor.

Negotiates on your behalf

The prosecution lawyer hopes to obtain guilty plea from your side before the case may go for a trial. They will try to put pressure on you for making a deal. So it must be very difficult to negotiate with the prosecutor especially if you are seriously charged with heavy penalties. A dedicated DUI lawyer has the experience to handle such negotiations smartly well on your behalf.

While analyzing your case deeply, your lawyer will pinpoint the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case which he has put up against you. If he finds your prosecutor’s case weak as compared to his, you should expect to have good deal.

But if your case couldn’t get a dismissal, a DUI lawyer will assist you to get your DUI charges lesser. He may try to get a lesser offense like a wet reckless driving charge. Your DUI lawyer is able to make an argument at court for having a less punishment or having no time in prison. He can even try to have a reasonable charge from the court.

Takes care of other factors

There are tons of ways a DUI charge can intensify factors or may lead to increase the penalties which you as a convict may have to face during conviction. Unfortunately, if someone has got seriously injured, the regular misdemeanor could change to felony. The severity of your case may be increased depending on the magnitude of damage you have caused to victim. Any server destruction, death or property damage could likely increase the additional charges. In any such difficult situations, one needs to have an expert DUI lawyer by his side.

Fights your case diligently

One of the key tasks of a lawyer is to defend his client against the charges of prosecution. He achieves this task through a number of ways. An expert DUI lawyer will help you fight your DUI case diligently. He will use the best possible strategies while considering your case. Sometimes this strong defense leads to simply dismissal of charges, other times it could be like negotiating well with the judges to decrease the DUI charges. This defense helps you get lesser penalties like suspension of your driving license instead of sending you behind the bars.

Provides you other defenses

 If a drunk person is found in a car, it mostly assumed that he was driving the car even if he was sitting in the passenger’s seat. In the court trial a prosecutor is required to prove that the convict was driving his vehicle with BAC 0.08 %level or above. If the prosecutor cannot prove that you were not simply sleeping off because of alcohol drinks before your drove the vehicle, can simply dismiss the charges. 

Trust your DUI Lawyer as he can best bet your case

Around 80% of the DUI charges may lead convictions. Of course it is hard to beat a DUI charge, but majority of the convicts who had beaten well the charges of their intoxicated driving were those who hired the right lawyer for their help. The DUI lawyer has all the legal knowledge, experience, skills and attitude to take up your case legally and protecting you form the repercussions of the charges. They are fully capable to evaluate your case, investigate the key facts and expose the weaknesses in your as well as in the prosecutors stance.  In order to exploit the facts and evidences in a most effective way, they plan a strong strategy. At the end, the best strategies bring positive outcomes. In case you think of building a strong defense related for your DUI case, hiring an expert DUI lawyer would be an ultimate choice. The faster you act, the ample time your DUI will have to help you deal with a DUI charge. So get the legal support and assistance of an expert hand and you will gain a positive outcome for sure.

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