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Why You Need Reliability With Your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Numerous Americans experience a money related crisis annually and need to file for financial protection. Some may look at bankruptcy and others may look at 3 month payday loans (which I would not recommend). In case you're encountering the same, and it's taking over your capacity to deal with your debts, the best way out may be to file a bankruptcy discharge. The underlying move to seek financial protection discharge is picking the right bankruptcy to petition for. Right when you've picked the fitting bankruptcy type, you then need the relationship of a bankruptcy attorney to help with the case. In any case, which bankruptcy attorney would be best for you to go for?

At this point, you have read one of our other articles covering these subjects (here). We are going to look at why reliability is crucial when hiring a bankruptcy attorney.

  • Relevancy
  • Referral
  • Reviews
  • Rates
  • Reliability

In determining the legal representation that’s right for you, you should consider these four important aspects:

  1. Meeting filing deadlines and being at appointments on time.

Reliability is major when picking the right bankruptcy attorney. There is no way around it, if your attorney is showing up to appointments late and missing deadlines, there is a severe issue. There are numerous ways to help prevent yourself working with someone with these issues, reviews, referrals, etc. but I am going to dive in some red flags to look for with regards to reliability. If you are reading reviews and see anything about the attorney showing up late to appointments, that is a red flag. Attorneys are busy, that is totally understandable but when you hire one and they are on “your time”, they shouldn’t be focusing on anything else than your case.

For example, let’s say you are looking at a Chapter 13 dismissal. Will the attorney be there throughout the process even if he’s not going to make any money on a dismissal?

  1. The Ability of the attorney to discuss alternate solutions

An ethical bankruptcy attorney should not shy away from discussing all the options at your disposal. An attorney should be able to help you make sense of each case and the difficulties in them.

If you’re making good money, your bankruptcy attorney should advise you not to file for a bankruptcy discharge as that may have some adverse effect on your finances.

As such, you must hire an attorney that has apt knowledge of the solutions that are available for you to explore. They should be also ready to share those solutions with clients.

For example, can a bankruptcy attorney in Georgia discuss Chapter 7 bankruptcy Georgia, Chapter 13 bankruptcy Georgia and debt settlement or debt management?

  1. Passion for the job

You definitely won’t want an attorney that’s out of touch or aloof to the challenges at hand. An attorney that has a passion for his/her job will be able to make the client confident in the process and will take cognizance of every possible error that’ll hamper your chances of getting a discharge.

A genuine bankruptcy attorney will be passionate and confident about what they do. Lawyers like that are fascinated by every bankruptcy case they handle. They always have the will to put extra effort into the case.

  1. An attorney that is understanding

More often than not, people that file for bankruptcy only do so because they have no other means to settle their debt. In such a period of anguish and difficulty, you should have an attorney that has a proper understanding of the peculiarity of the case.  For example, will the attorney be able to answer your question, “What is the downside of filing for bankruptcy?”

The attorney should be one that understands your fears and can calm them. They should have the ability to ask difficult questions without losing empathy.

The attorney should also possess the ability to provide concise and clear answers to the inquiry of the client. Some of the questions you should ask your attorney is the success rate and delivery time. It’ll also be a plus if the attorney can discuss how available he’ll be.

If you doubt the competence of your lawyer at the first meeting then you should find someone else.


When it comes to finding the right bankruptcy attorney, it is important to make sure the reliability is secure. The four important aspects to take a look at are, meeting filing deadlines and being at appointments on time,  the ability of the attorney to discuss alternate solutions,  passion for the job, and finally an attorney that is understanding. Finding a reliable attorney is extremely critical and will help you find your next financial steps.

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