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Why References Can Help When Choosing An Bankruptcy Attorney

Many Americans experience a type of monetary emergency annually and need to file for bankruptcy. In case you're experiencing the equivalent, and it's obstructing your ability to take care of your debts, at that point the most ideal way out might be to petition for a bankruptcy discharge. The initial step to file for bankruptcy discharge is deciding the correct bankruptcy to file for. At the point when you've settled on the fitting bankruptcy type, you at that point need the administrations of a bankruptcy attorney to help with the case. However, which bankruptcy attorney would it be advisable for you to go for?

There are 5 things that we look for when deciding on a bankruptcy attorney. We will cover the referral today.

  • Relevancy
  • Referral
  • Reviews
  • Rates
  • Reliability

Referrals from Other Attorneys

You need top-notch legal representation if you want to file for bankruptcy, and there is no better way for this than hiring a professional. One option is to find a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. For example, a great attorney may be able to answer your questions such as “Can you file bankruptcy and keep your house?” or “How often do debt collectors take you to court?”

If one wants to end up with the right representation during a bankruptcy process then you need to consider the certification of the attorney. To ascertain that an Attorney has the proper credentials, you should visit the website of the state bar. You can also find out if the lawyer has misconduct or reprimands in their record.

Additionally, looking for a certified attorney will help you ensure that the attorney has some experience in the profession. Some certifications can even help you tell the number of years that an attorney has been handling bankruptcy cases.

With this credential, you can be relaxed that your attorney has some practical knowledge to help you reach your goal.

Referrals from Ascend Users

With regards to finding the “perfect” bankruptcy attorney, sometimes it can be hard to find the right one. Here at Ascend Finance, we only recommend and use the best attorneys available. We want to make sure that the help we are giving is nothing but the best. Dealing with bankruptcy is no joke and can take a toll on you mentally, so making sure you are working with the perfect match is critical.

Our users at Ascend, are like-minded and share similar ideals when it comes to finding the right attorney. Ascend users often have taken the Chapter 7 means test calculator or the Chapter 13 repayment calculator, so they know what Ascend is about and what it offers. With that in mind, using any referrals from Ascend users is a great and secure plan. There is an in-depth process when Ascend looks to find attorney’s, so it is clear that you will be working with someone that is well equipped and honest.


To conclude, it is extremely critical that you are finding the right attorney for you. Filing for bankruptcy can be a very stressful and mentally draining period of time, but putting yourself in the right hands can truly take a lot of the stress away. Either using a referral from a professional attorney or using an attorney from an Ascend user, you will be sure to find yourself in the right hands. There’s nothing worse than filing for bankruptcy and working with an attorney that doesn’t have your best intention in mind. They are there to help you make the most informed decisions and be your legal counsel during the filing.

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