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Why Should Law firms Use Intake Call Centers to Grow Their Cases?

While marketing your law firm might be a lucrative idea, you still need to do more so as to widen your clientele base. From facilitating research to ensuring that clients get the much-needed satisfactory legal service, there are multiple activities that take place in law firms. With all these activities at hand, some calls may go answered. This can be detrimental for a law firm looking to grow its cases in the long run. To be on the safe side, you should consider using an intake call center so as to avoid missing out on any new opportunity with prospective clients. When you hire legal call services, law firms can benefit in the following ways:

Never Miss Any Calls From Prospective Clients

Whether it is an existing client or a new inquiry, every call matters. If you are able to answer the call in good time, you will be able to tap into every opportunity offered by a new client. For instance, the client may need the services of a lawyer to represent him or her in a particular case. Better still, the client may want to follow up on certain insurance claims, among other concerns. With an intake call center in place, all the calls will not only be answered but also recorded.

Thereafter, the client's concerns will be directed to the appropriate person so that they can be handled appropriately. The professional on the other end will get back to the client with all the information needed so that the needs of the clients are met.

Professionalism And Consistency

When it comes to professionalism, working with an intake call center does not disappoint. Here, your calls will be answered the way you please. The good news is that all your calls will also be answered with your law firm’s name in a friendlier, polite manner.

Professionalism will be upheld throughout the call. In fact, these calls will be answered in a manner in which the caller will hardly think that they are dealing with an outsourced service. With the professionalism and consistency in place, be sure that your law firm cases will grow tremendously.

Allows Customers To Reach You Even During Odd Hours

Typically, your law firm may be operating from 8 A.M to 5 P.M. Although you may be getting calls and enquiries from prospective customers within this time frame, you may want to serve customers beyond 5 P.M.

By engaging the services of intake call centers, be sure that you will be able to serve your customers outside the typical working hours. Here, all these calls will be redirected to an on-call attendant who will attend to those customers professionally.

No Interruptions

We illustrated that law firms are always busy with different activities. Despite being busy, clients will always call every now and then. Since phone calls can be a huge distractor, you should consider hiring a team of professionals to respond to these phones on your behalf. By doing so, you will be able to attend to other vital activities in your law firms as your customers’ issues get addressed by a team of experts.

It Is An Affordable Option

If you have a small law firm, hiring a receptionist to handle such calls might be costly for you. To keep these costs at the bare minimum, you should consider hiring legal call services as you will only part with a fraction of the price, and you will be good to go. If you already have a secretary but she is on sick leave or on vacation, these services can fill in the gaps left and thus ensure that your customers continue getting served optimally.


From allowing you to be reached by each and every protective client to being an affordable option for a smaller law firm, there are many benefits of investing in intake call centers. In fact, these services have become part and parcel of modern law firms who want to grow their cases. Since customers can now address their issues at any time of the day, most law firms have now doubled and even tripled the number of cases they used to handle in the previous years. Consider investing in these services today, and you will be able to enjoy these benefits on the go.

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