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Construction accidents in 2020: How can you overcome them without getting cheated in the process?

A Top-Rated Law Firm has the answers

2020 has been an unusual and difficult year for construction workers in California. Many were unemployed for months due to the quarantine and had to depend on their savings to survive. Now, as lockdown measures become less severe, many are returning to work once again. However, one question lingers in their minds: What will happen to me if I am injured on the job in these uncertain times? How can I overcome a construction accident in 2020?

Unfortunately, some California workers have had to struggle with these types of situations in recent months and have found themselves in the frustrating position of having to deal with the “shady tactics” of insurance companies. Therefore, many of them claim that working with a construction accident lawyer was crucial to obtaining fair compensation for their case.

Michael Chakrian, a worker’s compensation attorney at C&B Law Group, a Los Angeles-based law firm, has carefully analyzed the situation and is ready to help California construction workers get the compensation they deserve after a work injury.

Insurance companies don’t care about you

 A Pasadena construction, James Torrance, worker fell off a ladder while on the job. As a result of the accident, he dislocated his right shoulder and broke his right leg. "After the accident, I tried to do everything by the book. I notified my employer and applied for workers' compensation," Torrance said. "However, the insurance company tried to take advantage of me, and I couldn't afford to let them do that."

Workers compensation attorney in Inglewood tells our client that the insurance company offered him a monetary settlement far below his needs. "It wasn't even enough to pay for my treatment," he added, "I decided it was better to leave it to a professional, and that's how I found C&B Law Group."

The team at C&B Law Group took on James' case and was able to secure enough compensation for his case in a matter of months to last him for years to come.

Another worker who had to deal with a similar situation is Alex Reynolds, a construction worker in Beverly Hills who had his right thumb and index finger amputated due to a malfunctioning saw. "The accident was pretty bad, but what was even worse was the settlement the insurance company offered me, I couldn't believe it!" Reynolds said, "It wasn't even enough to pay for my surgery, I thought it had to be a joke!"

"I wasn't going to let them get away with it, so I got a lawyer right away," Alex added. "I contacted Michael Chakrian at C&B Law Group, and within a year, I got the money I needed. I am very grateful to him. "

What you should do to get what you deserve?

Michael Chakrian, a workers' compensation attorney with years of experience dealing with these types of cases (and a founding member of C&B Law Group), says that during these uncertain times, insurance companies will try to protect their bottom lines more than ever. "If they were shady before, they are much more ruthless now. That's why California construction workers need to know exactly what to do after an injury to increase their chances of getting the maximum compensation possible for their case".

Chakrian notes that the first thing a construction worker should do after an on-the-job injury is to seek medical attention as soon as possible. "' Your health is the most important thing. After an injury, don't waste time and see a doctor immediately".

"After seeing a doctor, make sure you properly notify your employer about your injury. Be sure to include every little detail you can remember," Chakrian added.

Finally, Chakrian said the next step is crucial, consulting with an experienced attorney. "As I said before, insurance companies will do everything they can to minimize your expenses. If you want to level the playing field and increase your chances of getting fair compensation, you must work with attorneys who know how to navigate through these cases efficiently," he concluded.

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