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Why it may be time to make a fatal accident claim

If you feel that you need to make a fatal accident claim then firstly we would like to say sorry.  We are sorry for the pain you are going through.  We are sorry for the distress you are experiencing.  And we are sorry for all the stress and anguish you must be feeling.

We are here to help you make a fatal accident claim.  We know that this in itself is extremely painful.  It means that you have to face the fact that the death of a loved one is the responsibility of someone else.  And, that no amount of compensation in the world will bring them back, or ease the pain.

But it is a chance for you to put some focus on doing something positive.  On claiming for the victim and on their behalf.  This is a fatal accident claim that focuses on any pain and suffering, both physically and emotionally, that the victim may have experienced between the time of their accident and their death.

The other claim is for any dependents.  Those who are financially dependent on the victim and will need financial support since they have passed. 

If you are uncertain as to whether the people in question are dependents then we are here to help.  The law defines the following as dependents:

  • A husband
  • A wife
  • Former husband
  • Former wife
  • Civil partner
  • Former civil partner
  • A parent
  • A child
  • A brother
  • A sister
  • An aunt
  • An uncle
  • A grandparent
  • A grandchild

These can also include guardians or adopted children. 

Making a fatal accident claim is part of the healing process.  Someone very precious in your life has been taken from you, and this was due to someone, or something else.  Whatever the circumstances, a fatal accident claim through Priority Legal is here to help you take some element of charge in this awful situation.

We understand that fatal accident claims are extremely distressing and bring up a whole world of issues and information that is far from pleasant.  But we will be there every step of the way.  To hold your hand, wipe away the tears, and hear everything that you have to say.  We, of course, need the facts of the case, but we want to know more about the person in the fatal accident claim, if you feel that is appropriate too. 

Simon Protchard writes for Priority Legal

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