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How to make a fatal accident claim

We can’t possibly imagine how you must be feeling.  Making a fatal accident claim is something we truly wish you didn’t have to do.  But, in a strange way, we are glad that we are the ones who are there to help you.  Because we know that our fatal accident claim process is there to claim the right level of compensation for you and your family, after your traumatic events.

Choosing a personal injury team that you can trust is of paramount importance.  We can’t even imagine what you are experiencing right now and the range of emotions will be beyond overwhelming. 

But we are firm believers that a fatal accident claim will help you to gain some control.  At this moment in time you are probably feeling so many different emotions, including anger and loss of control.  A fatal accident claim is a way of being able to take charge of the situation you are in, and channel some of those emotions. 

There are two parts to a fatal accident claim:

  • The victims claim
  • The dependents’ claim

The victims claim is based on claiming for any emotional or physical distress they may experienced from their accident until the time of their death.  This could be hospital treatments, psychological distress or pain. 

The dependents’ claim is for any family member who has been financially dependent on the victim.  From a husband or wife to a brother, aunt or adopted child. 

Another fatal accident claim can also be made if you were witness to the accident in question.  Chances are you will be experiencing some significant trauma such as nervous shock.  This can manifest with both physical and psychological symptoms. 

At Priority Legal we are well aware that you are already under a huge amount of distress.  At this point you may be trying to make funeral arrangements, sorting out the deceased's financial affairs or making arrangements for dependents and their future.  Our job is to take the stress out of making a fatal accident claim.  All you need to do is to talk through the situation, to the best of your ability.  We realise that this in itself is extremely painful and we will have all the time you need to enable you to share all that you feel is necessary with us. 

A fatal accident claim is not time-consuming or complicated with us. 

Richard Thompson writes for Priority Legal

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