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When to Seek the Counsel of a DUI Lawyer

When charged by driving under the influence (DUI), should you hire an attorney? This is a question many people ask themselves when facing these legal problems. Yes, hiring an attorney is expensive, and you face many costs after a DUI. So the answer to your question about hiring a DUI lawyer mostly comes down to whether you can afford an attorney and if you are innocent and want to fight the charges.

 Another qualifying issue can help you understand whether you need to hire a DUI attorney. That is, is this your first DUI, or have you experienced problems with the law before? Below, we examine some points to help you decide whether to hire a DUI legal representative.

Should you hire an attorney for your DUI?

 DUI affects all facets of your life. You can expect problems with your career, finances and overall future. If you ask an attorney if you need to hire a lawyer, they will almost always tell you, "Yes." A DUI lawyer can work to save your driving privileges or get your charges dismissed. But this is far from an assured outcome.

 In the past, a drunk driving lawyer could help you plea to a lesser charge. They could also get your case quietly handled through a simple fine. But laws for DUI are tougher today than ever before. A DUI charge today can damage your life in many ways.

Essential Truths about Getting a DUI

 Even if you hire a DUI lawyer, you can get "the book" thrown at you by the courts. In other words, you face the potential of not benefiting from your attorney's work, at all. Nothing in your defence strategy is guaranteed to work. Below are some points to consider, when deciding upon hiring a DUI attorney:

Your Blood Alcohol Content Alone Can Put You Away

 If you have a high blood alcohol content (BAC) when arrested, it is hard to defend your actions, at all. Using only your BAC, the court can convict you of DUI. That is pretty hard evidence to beat.

You May Lose Your License, Even with an Attorney

 Also, with an attorney by your side, you can still lose your license. Not being able to drive can really affect your daily life, earning ability and other essential aspects of your lifestyle.

 If you have aggravating factors associated with your DUI, such as having children in the car or causing an accident, your situation is worse than just "drunk driving." Some aggravating factors include:

  • Repeat offences
  • Property damages
  • Child endangerment
  • Injuries

 An attorney can work hard to mitigate these issues. But trying to do so may not help at all. You just never know until the court hands down the verdict.

You Really Need a Lawyer If...

 Sometimes the court charges innocent people with crimes. That is a fact. That is also why lawyers form a defence for each client. If you are innocent of your DUI charges, such as if you failed a field sobriety test or had a false positive on a breath test, hire a lawyer. Do not put your whole future at risk because of legal error. A lawyer will argue your innocence for you, using every measure of the law available to them.

 An attorney helps you prepare for court. They explain the court's expectations of you and how to handle certain situations in front of the judge. They also help you fully understand your charges and legal avenues for defending yourself. Your lawyer even enables you to ensure you have completed requirements before you go in front of the judge.

 The good news is that your attorney has much more experience handling these cases than you ever will. They know what works and what likely will not work when it comes to fighting your charges. They also know other nuances of the system and what to expect if you lose your privileges or rights.

Consider Hiring a DUI Attorney

 No one should have to go through a court process alone. Consider hiring an attorney, even if only to help you navigate these processes with an ally. Hire the best one you can if you have a chance of having your charges dismissed or reduced. Your future is important, and you should never stand idly by without defending yourself, as you have so much to lose in the process.

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