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What to Know Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’re in need of the services of a criminal defense attorney, every second will count. You don’t want to wait another minute as it could mean the difference between going to jail and having the case dismissed. It is also imperative that you’re getting an attorney that is experienced if you’re to have any success with your case. Here are some of the questions you should be asking if you intend to hire a criminal defense attorney.

How Long Have you Practiced Criminal Law?

This question is usually asked to gauge the experience of the attorney. You don’t want to be working with an attorney that is just starting out. Criminal law is complicated and you don’t want to entrust your life to someone that doesn’t have an idea of what they’re doing. Ideally, you’d want to work with an attorney with at least 5 years of experience. You can ask for references just to be certain that the attorney has handled cases similar to yours in the past.

How Often Do You Go to Trial?

A good attorney will always want to avoid trial by all means possible. This is because they can bargain for a plea so that there are no unexpected outcomes with your case. There are also attorneys that have trial experience and will ensure that you’re getting the best representation when it comes to that. An attorney that rarely goes to trial will be a good sign.

Do You Specialize in Criminal?

You don’t want to be working with a general practice attorney when you’ve been accused of a criminal offense. There are attorneys that are very specific with their practice. There are some that will focus on DUI, drugs, white-collar crimes, and so on. You just need to make sure that the attorney that you intend to hire has specialized in your particular area of interest before making the decision to work with them.

How Much Will the Service Cost?

It is a good idea to know how much you’re expected to pay for legal services so that you’re not caught by surprise when it comes to footing the bill. Most criminal defense attorneys will charge a flat rate for the service. You can reach out to multiple attorneys to have an idea of how much you’re expected to pay for the service.

How Many People Will be Working on the Case?

If you’ve reached out to a law firm, you’ll want to find out the lawyer that will be handling the case. Depending on the complexity, there might be more than one person working the case. This information should be clear from the onset as it could interfere with some variables. A good attorney is one that will dedicate their time and resources to the case so that you’re getting the best outcome. Law firms like Scott C. Nolan, Criminal Defense Lawyer for Manassas, VA will ensure that your case is being handled by the best team.

How Often Do You Communicate?

You need to be informed about the progress of the case at any given time. That is why you should search for an attorney that is timely with communication. You don’t have to reach out to them to the updates. They will always make sure that you’re informed throughout the duration of the case. There are lawyers that will only reach out to you when there is bad news.

How Long Will The Case Take?

An experienced attorney will be aware of how long the case can take after looking at all the factors involved. You don’t want the case to go on for ages when you have a life to get back to. Knowing how long a case will take provides the opportunity to make adjustments in life. The attorney should also give you the options to explore after analyzing the details of the case.

Why Should I Hire You?

This will be the last question to ask the attorney. Any reputable attorney should not have a problem answering this question. You want to know the person that you’ll be working with if there is to be any success with your case.


Hiring a criminal defense attorney doesn’t have to be challenging when you ask such questions. A good attorney is one that will aggressively fight on your behalf to ensure that you’re getting the best representation. They will also make sure that going to court is the last resort.

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