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If you or someone you know has been arrested you may be asking about the Bail Bonds Process or How Bail Bonds Work?

What is bail? A bail is an amount paid to the court, for releasing an accused person from jail, until the case proceeding is over. The bail is held by the court, and this ensures that the person will return to court on given dates. It is at the discretion of the judge to determine how much $$$ to set the bail. Some factors that influence their decision are:

  • Type of Crime
  • Criminal History
  • Perceived Flight Risk

In a large misdemeanor, bail is less than felony bail and the class of the felony or misdemeanor (A, B, C, or D) places a large part in the amount. If one has a long rap sheet (criminal history) as they call it then you can pretty much guarantee a larger or maximum bail amount to be set. The preceding judge will also take into determination the perceived flight risk of an individual. Mainly Judges are looking to see if you live in or have ties in the community in which the crime allegedly occurred.

People can also have no bail set and released under their recognizance. If one is not so lucky bail can reach thousands and sometimes millions of dollars.

Once the bail is set the defendant can pay the bail and be released from jail. You have two options here: you can either pay the entire amount or go to a bail bonds company and have them put the money up for you. Typically you pay 10 percent of the bail to the bondsmen and then they take that money with the other 90 percent and go pay it to the court. You will then be released from jail.

Once you are released from jail you must see your court case through completion. This means your case was dismissed or you fulfilled all of the obligations of your sentence. Once this happens you will get all of the bail money back. However, if you use a bail bondsman they will get all of the money back including the percentage of the bond you paid them.

The Role of the Bail Agent

To ensure the appearance in court of individuals out on bail.  A bail bond is an appearance bond, a document of the obligation placed with the court to secure the release of a defendant. This bond guarantees that a defendant will appear in court whenever, and as many times, as the court demands until the charge or charges stated on the bail bond are adjudicated.  If the defendant fails to appear before the court as instructed, the bail bond becomes due and payable to the court for the face amount stated on the bail bond. It is the bail agents responsibility to:

  • guarantee to the court the appearance of the defendant and
  • to act as a financial intermediary to allow people without adequate cash resources to provide alternate collateral to post bail.

CONNECTICUT BAIL BONDS GROUP is a business you can count on for prompt, efficient bail arrangements. When you choose a bail bondsman agent from our company, you're getting an experienced professional who will work with you. We aim to take care of the paperwork and financing so that you can focus on the future and also provide easy payment options for CT bail.

We strive to offer fast, efficient service without skimming over the details or leaving our clients in the dark. Our agents are reliable, and all of your information will remain strictly confidential. If an amount has been set, we'll work quickly to arrange a bail bond for any offense, including:

  • DUI Arrests
  • Domestic Violence
  • All Misdemeanor Crimes
  • All Felony Crimes

We're on the job every day of the week, around the clock, so don't hesitate to contact us today if someone you care about needs bail. We also offer a free consultation service.


Q.  Aren't all collection agencies the same?

A.  NO.  The Bail Industry is VERY different from standard collections.  Sure, the all-in-one agencies will accept the paper, but they have NO clue about your business and have no idea on how to go about collecting your delinquent accounts.  Our Agents are trained to a point where they can write bail.  This allows us to educate our debtors when we contact them thus our efforts create higher returns for our clients.  It is of the utmost importance that your agency understands your business 100%.

  1. I used a collection agency in the past that was an All-in-One agency... What is the difference between you and them?
  2. The primary difference between Bail Bond Support Services and other agencies is that we specialize in the Bail Bond Industry only. We do not collect any other paper from any other industry.  Our focus allows our clients to receive much larger returns than other multi-industry agencies.

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