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Personal Injury Lawsuits: Step by Step Guide

If you have had an accident that has caused you bodily harm and wasn’t your fault, then a personal injury claim is the fairest way for you to deal with it. Legally speaking, you should be entitled to the loss of your time, your health, and your earnings, all depending on how bad the accident.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Personal Injury Lawsuits

So what happens when you hire us to tackle your lawsuit? Let’s find out!

1 – Immediately After The Accident

Your first priority is to yourself and your health and wellness. Make sure you visit a doctor straight away as this report will help with your case later. Once you have recovered, call us to arrange one of our specialist personal injury lawyers to tackle your case.

Next, return to the scene of the accident. This may be traumatic for you and you may want to take someone with you… or even pay your lawyer to do it for you.

When you return to the scene, gather as much evidence as you can… things like tyre tracks on the road, spilled blood or other physical evidence might be documented by photograph.

Ask around for witnesses. Anyone of the nearby store owners or people that are passing through at the same time each day may have seen something.

2 – In the Weeks Following the Accident

Keep a written record of your progress and thoughts. If you are having trouble healing, record this in a journal. Try to keep photographic evidence if you can.

You should also try to prove the costs of this injury to yourself. This means time taken off work should be recorded and any receipts for monies spent on damages need to be kept.

Make sure your property is properly photographed before you get it repaired.

Attend all doctors’ appointments and any further courses of physio etc. that they recommend. All of this will be evidence in the long run. Be sure to consider your mental health state in this, too.

3 – The Trial

Your attorney will advise you on exactly what you will be expected to do at the trial. However, if your information gathering skills have been good enough, it hopefully won’t go as far as a trial. If the evidence and witness statements go in your favour, it is likely that the opposition will offer you a settlement fee to keep it out of court.

General advice is never to accept the first offer in this situation. Be careful though, the decision belongs solely to you. If you don’t mind going to court, then your attorney may suggest you proceed. The presence of a settlement is a strong indication that they think you will win and be entitled to more. That being said, you may also be entitled to less as facts regarding the case come to light.

Take measured steps and follow the advice of your attorney. With a little luck and a peppering of perseverance, you should shortly have your life back to normal again.

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