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What Is a Tax Lawyer? The Fast Facts

In 2018, nearly 80% of Americans made some sort of mistake on their taxes that affected their refunds. Suffice to say, filing taxes can be quite complicated. That's where tax lawyers come in.

But what is a tax lawyer? How do they help? In what situations should you contact a tax lawyer?

That's what we're here to look at today. Read on to find out more about how a tax attorney can help you.

What Is a Tax Lawyer?

Put simply, tax lawyers are attorneys who help people and businesses comply with tax laws. All tax lawyers have a deep understanding of state, local, and federal tax laws to help individuals or organizations deal with tax issues.

Whether it's about filing returns or figuring out an audit, tax lawyers provide the right form of counsel and advice to those who need it. You'd be surprised to find out how deep a tax lawyer's responsibilities go:

Education and Background

Most tax lawyers go through an undergraduate program and law school before obtaining their J.D. and earning a master of laws degree in taxation. This means they have to go through the rigorous bar program.

Some attorneys have backgrounds as certified public accountants or CPAs. This means they've had even more schooling on accounting and other pertinent subjects.

When You Owe Back Taxes

Tax lawyers are extremely helpful when you owe money to the IRS and feel like you're stuck. Attorneys will help you negotiate deals with the government to facilitate a more lenient payment program.

During Audits

Audits occur when the IRS spots errors in your tax filing or sees questionable information that indicates fraud. Tax lawyers help you appeal an audit if you think you have a case.

Sometimes the IRS takes taxpayers to court over an audit. In this case, a tax lawyer will represent you in court.

Tax Filing

Sometimes your taxes are a little more complicated than the average taxpayer. This means you need the assistance of an attorney to make sure you don't have any errors along the way.

They'll guide you through all the dos and don'ts of tax filing and prevent you from hitting any tax-related potholes. They'll also make sure your information is accurate so the IRS won't file an audit.

Starting a Business

Those who are starting a business know that taxes work quite differently for businesses compared to individual taxpayers. Tax attorneys are invaluable in this respect since they're also experts at business taxes.

They'll identify the type of business you are, and help you file taxes accordingly. As such, your business stays out of trouble with the IRS.

Writing a Will

Many people don't think about all the tax exemptions and other laws associated with a will or estate. Tax lawyers help you understand these components so that your estate can be transferred without a hitch.

Getting the Right Tax Attorney

Answering the question of "what is a tax lawyer" involves understanding their background, roles, and responsibilities. Use this guide to help you understand what tax attorneys are and why they're so important.

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