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What is a Court Martial?

When it comes to court proceedings there are so many different types that it can be hard to keep up. With those that are in the military, there is a form of judicial hearing that is called the court martial. If you are dealing with a court martial, you may want to consider a civilian court-martial lawyer.  

What is a Court Martial?

Court marital is a term that is used when someone in the military is accused of committing a crime that goes against the laws of the military. This means just about anything that is not legal in normal law is likely not to be legal in military law and it may also carry a harsher sentence in military punishment. A court martial may carry a harder sentence than a civilian court would but if you do want to stay in the military, you do need to deal with the court martial to make sure that your crime is charted with the military.

Why Might You Get Court Martialed?

A court martial does not come with every single discrepancy. You are not likely to get a court martial for a speeding ticket that was not that much over the speed limit. You will certainly get a court martial if you are accused of assault or abuse. Since not all offenses are going to lead to a court martial, you do need to consider the issues that are present and what your options are.

If you are court martialed, you can get an attorney that is either offered by the military or you can hire your own civilian attorney. Court martials are different depending on the degree of the offence and how serious the crime is. A general court marital is not all that serious and it often only leads to a very basic punishment. You can get more serious court martial when the crime is more serious like murder, assault and more. In these cases, you may have to have a joint jurisdiction which does include the court martial and the court of civilian law as well.

If you do get a court martial, you should take the time to contact a lawyer to find out what you should do and to find out what process you do need to take to make sure that your case is heard and that it is a fair trial.

Why Hire a Civilian Attorney?

Hiring a civilian attorney is not out of the question if you are facing a court martial. You can hire an attorney that is not part of the military, and it may be to your benefit. In many cases, the military is going to offer you an attorney that is part of the military as part of what they are required to do. This does not mean that you have to accept your military representation. You can always hire your own lawyer.

If you are dealing with a court martial and you want to hire an outside attorney, you do need to make sure you take the time to find one that has experience with court martials and that knows military law well enough to adequately defend you. Those with experience are a great option and taking the time to talk with an attorney can help you get a fair trial.

Hiring a civilian attorney also gives your family more access to the proceedings and does take away some of the secrecy that is so often common with military trials. Taking the time to find a great attorney can help you get the best trial and can also help keep your family and other people that are concerned about you in the loop. It can also take away some of the loyalty that some attorneys feel to the military and give you a chance at a completely non-biased trial.

Court martial does not mean the end of your career with the military and it can mean that you will face some sort of punishment, but it does not mean that you are going to be kicked out or thrown in jail. It is always best to take the time to make sure that you are getting a fair trial and that the entire process is well defined and fair. With the help of a great attorney you can get your case heard and you can get your information in order, you can build a strong case and you can keep your military career on track and moving forward.

It can be so difficult to deal with a court martial on your own, with the help of a great attorney and a great team, you come out on the good side of a court martial, and you can continue your career with the military and grow and be better for it. Your lawyer is on your side and is going to work to help you fight for your rights and fight back against the accusations that you are facing and that you are working against. Anyone in the military can get court martialed, the right representation matters.

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