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Most common awards for attorneys

We all love to be recognized for our hard efforts and good work and lawyers and law firms are no different. There are a huge number of different awards that a lawyer or a law firm can get and knowing a bit about them can help your law firm stand out.  

Common Awards for Attorneys

Some of the most common awards are Best Lawyers and SuperLawyers. These are both awards that are given to lawyers based on service, what sorts of outcomes and settlements you are able to get for clients and more. These are awards that you can purchase and that you can then display and use to help get more clients.

Another common award is the Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Rating. This is a rating that you can apply for that is given to you by, you guessed it, your peers. This rating is based on peer and client reviews and helps your potential clients see what you are capable of. This rating does depend on reviews and on overall ratings that you have attained from clients and those that you have worked with. This means that it is a totally performance-based rating.

You can also get an AVVO rating that is based on a score that is the result of an equation that is set forth for lawyers. It takes different aspects of law into account then creates a rating based on those aspects and the outcome of the score. Ratings fall on a scale from one to ten, ten being the best and one being the worst, and these ratings can be prominently displayed to show just how great your firm is.

You can also get awards from the BAR association in the form of awards like the Samuel L. Smith award, the Robert P. Wilkins award and the James I. Keane Award. These are all prestigious and you can learn more about them on the individual site for each award. You may also be able to get awards from the place where you live, or work and you can get awards from other agencies as well. If you continue to provide good work and provide excellent care and service, you are going to be recognized by your peers and by the agencies that keep tabs on law firms and on lawyers as a whole.

Why Are Awards Important?

Though awards are not the entire measure of what you are able to achieve for your clients or what you are able to do, it is important that you keep track of any potential awards you may attain. Awards show your clients that you are dedicated to your craft, that you are set on doing all that you can for your clients and that you are not going to back down or provide poor service. Though awards are not everything, they do help clients know that you are dedicated and that you are trying your best to provide the best service that you can.

Awards make it possible for clients to easily see what you have achieved and what you are doing to make your law firm a better firm overall. They also help to instill confidence in your clients so that they know you are serious, and they know that you are working to provide the best service possible and that you have been recognized by others for your work. Awards are also a great way of showing what you have accomplished.

If you have a website and you are using it to get new customers, displaying the awards that you have gotten or the awards that you have earned can help your potential clients see what you have done and what your law firm has accomplished. With the right design team you can tastefully and accurately display your awards on your site to help get new clients and make sure that your clients are aware of what you have done. Law is a very competitive industry and standing out can make a big difference in what people think of you, in the confidence they have in your abilities and more. The right awards can help you stand out and can set your law firm apart.

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