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What are the Leading Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Norwalk (California)?

We witness people tripping and sustaining injuries from time to time. It is a common accident that can happen anywhere, including shopping malls, parking lots, schools, apartments and nursing homes. Unfortunately, some victims may assume tripping is their fault but that is not always the case. Sometimes such accidents may be caused by the property owners’ negligence because they have a responsibility of maintaining their premises and ensuring they are safe. If the property owners’ negligence has caused you to trip and sustain injuries, a Norwalk slip and fall attorney can assist you in getting the compensation from the liable party that you rightfully deserve. Some of the leading causes of these accidents include:

Uneven and wet walking surfaces

The biggest cause of tripping incidents in commercial, domestic and industrial places is wet and uneven floors. Other floor hazards include loose mats, defective sidewalks, worn out carpets, loose floorboards, cluttered floors and parking lot potholes. Property owners should ensure the floors in their premises are dry, well-maintained and have warning signs when necessary.

Poor lighting

Poorly lit premises and buildings reduce visibility, increasing chances of tripping. If people sustain injuries from accidents caused by poor lighting, the property owners may be held liable. Property owners should ensure walkways, staircases, parking lots and sidewalks are properly illuminated to improve vision and mobility.

Damaged and broken handrails

Loose, broken or missing handrails pose a danger to people. Handrails are important in that they support people who are walking on pavements and staircases, and they should be properly maintained.

Inadequate training

Poor training may cause employees to have accidents in their working environment while they are on duty. For example, construction workers should be properly trained on how to use the tools and walk on the sites. If employees are poorly trained and sustain any injuries, the employer will be liable for the damages.

Nursing home neglect

Sick and aging people have poor mobility and balance which increases their risk of falling. The staff have the responsibility of monitoring their patients’ movements and assisting them. The institutions have the legal mandate to ensure the premises are safe for everyone.


This natural occurrence cannot be controlled. However, property owners should shovel sidewalks, salt walkways and plough the streets during the winter season to reduce any accidents.

Torn and worn-out carpets

Worn out carpets that protrude from the floor can catch your toe and cause an accident. Unfortunately, there are many hotels, department stores and motels that have worn out carpets. Hotel owners should ensure the premises are well-maintained.

Narrow stairways

Narrow stairways can cause tripping. Staircases need to be inspected and maintained to prevent rounded or worn steps, loose carpeting, and loose handrails. Spilled liquid or debris that obstructs one’s path could also cause serious injuries.


The causes of accidents in Norwalk include worn out carpets, narrow stairways, poor lighting, wet walkways, broken handrails, and cracked floors. If you have been involved in an accident because of a property owner’s negligence, you should call an attorney and file a lawsuit and get compensation from the responsible parties.

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