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Employers provide their employees with workers' compensation benefits. These are types of insurance policy that provides benefits to employees who get injured while working. The type of workers' compensation benefit can vary based on the State, but most states provide four types of workers compensation benefits to their employees.

If you are injured on the job, you must understand the type of workers' compensation benefits you stand to gain and claim them. The employer is responsible for compensating you. Have you recently been injured while working? Are you wondering about the type of compensation benefits available for you? Below are the four categories of workers' compensation benefits.

1. Medical Treatment Benefit

If you are injured and work and file a worker's compensation claim, the employer should provide you with a medical benefit covering the treatment costs. These costs may range from simple doctor's visits, admissions, medical tests, and physical therapy, among other necessary medical treatments. The cover is usually valid until the patient is fully recovered. However, you will be required to seek medical treatment from the right medical provider to qualify for this compensation. The right medical providers are those health facilities in partnership with your organization to provide healthcare to employees using the insurance policy provided by the employer.

2. Disability Benefits

Disability benefit is another type of workers' compensation benefit. An employee stands to gain if their work injury affects their ability to work. This type of benefit usually falls under four categories.

  • Temporary Total Disability

An employee who is injured at work and is unable to return to work for a period not less than seven days qualifies for this type of disability benefit. The benefit is valid until the time you get back to work. The benefit equals two-third of the weekly average wage that you were earning before the injury.

  • Temporary Partial Disability

When your injuries sustained at work lowers your productivity, you are entitled to a temporary partial disability. The benefit is calculated as two-thirds of the difference between the weekly average wage you were earning before the accident and the average wage you can earn currently. It is payable up to 350 weeks from the date you were injured.

  • Permanent Total Disability

After the injury, you will continue to receive medical treatment until a time when the doctor's evaluation deems you to be permanently disabled. At this point, you will receive a permanent total disability benefit. The benefits are paid at the same weekly rate as the temporary total disability but for life. Sometimes you can be given a lump sum settlement accounting for your future installments.

  • Permanent Partial Disability

These benefits are paid at the same rate as a temporary total disability for a particular period. The period depends on the injured body part, percentage of disability, and the maximum weeks that the State allows.

3. Rehabilitation Benefits For Career Support

These benefits are also known as supplemental job displacement benefits. When the work injury prevents you from returning to your previous position or place of employment, the workers' compensation benefit will assist with vocational rehabilitation, among other career support. This type of benefit aims to assist employees to maintain employment through the necessary training required for one to return to work.

4. Death Benefits for Dependent

Death benefit for dependent is the fourth type of. While no employer or employee anticipates getting killed after sustaining a work injury, most organizations have this provision for any eventualities. It is an important policy that ensures any dependent needs are taken care of when the sole provider gets killed. The dependent may include the children of the deceased, spouse among other dependents. The benefit is calculated as two-thirds of the average weekly wage of the deceased before the accident. It also covers funnel and burial costs.

Have you sustained any form of injury while at work? A Workers' compensation lawyer can help you seek the appropriate type of workers' compensation Benefits that you deserve.

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