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Traumatic Brain Injury Entails Financial Compensation

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can result in serious consequences for a victim. TBI occurs when a victim suffers severe trauma on the head following an accident. It is difficult to gauge the true extent of TBI because a lot of symptoms can emerge in the future if not immediately. However, specialized attorneys can help determine the extent of the injury and assess how much compensation the victim can acquire. 

How does traumatic brain injury affect people?

Traumatic brain injuries disrupt normal brain function. A person may suffer from TBI when he suffers a hard blow to the head. Almost 2 million people suffer from some kind of TBI every year, and almost 50,000 people die annually because of this condition.

How many types of TBI are there?

TBI is classified based on severity. There are mild TBIs that can cause temporary problems in brain function. Mild TBI can cause loss of consciousness for a period of less than 30 minutes. Individuals who have mild TBI can recover after undergoing treatment. 

The symptoms of mild TBI include: Headaches, loss of smell, nausea, light sensitivity, sleep problems, feelings of depression, temporary memory loss. 

Mild TBI can affect you continuously for almost a year, and there are risks of the condition deteriorating in case you suffer another injury.

Serious TBI

Serious TBI occurs when a victim loses consciousness for more than 30 minutes. These injuries are more serious and can cause permanent memory loss, motor responses problems, problems in speech and even coma. 

Determining the value of a TBI claim

Several factors determine the value of TBI claimsThe values depend mostly on the extent of the injury. Injuries will cause different types of damages in different individuals. However, most of the claim will focus on reclaiming medical expenses, including everything initial hospital expenses, tests, medicines, therapy and so on. It will include every medical expense that is related to your head injury. If the expenses continue for several years, then the compensation will also consider this aspect.

The TBI claim also addresses your loss of income for the time you are recovering from the injury. In case the injury turned you unemployed for a long time, you can expect a big compensation amount.  

It is important to hire a specialized attorney to assess the damages. Several other aspects will determine the exact compensation amount. A good lawyer will help you represent the case in court and get a favourable judgement so that the guilty party is forced to pay you the compensation amount. This amount is crucial in helping you gain some sort of financial security for your injury. Hiring the right lawyer will help you decide the outcome of your compensation claims.


Traumatic brain injuries can be quite horrific. Thankfully, the law provides provisions for financial assistance. You must hire a good lawyer to assess the value of a TBI claim. To get legal updates, stay tuned.

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