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5 Mistakes You Could Make That May Hinder Your Personal Injury Claim

In the US, there are millions of people who find themselves a victim of personal injury every year. Should you fall into this category, you must seek legal representation to help you claim justice and compensation for your troubles. If you’ve never been in this situation before, you may have no clue what lays ahead. Before you go down the route of hiring a personal injury lawyer, here are some mistakes you must avoid.

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Leaving Things Too Late

When experiencing a personal injury, your main focus will understandably be on your health and wellbeing. Depending on the nature of your injuries, you may end up in hospital for a long period. However, you must file your personal injury claim as quickly as possible. There is a timeframe that you must adhere to when submitting your claim, and should you leave your claim too late, you may stand no chance of obtaining compensation.

Not Seeking Medical Treatment

Even if you only sustain minor injuries from your accident, you must still visit the ER and get yourself checked over. If you are hesitant to visit the hospital and seek medical assistance, this can come back to bite you when navigating through your case. Your medical records are a key piece of the jigsaw when it comes to building a strong case. If you’re nervous about any treatment, you can bring a family member along or friend who will put your mind at ease.

Accepting the First Settlement Agreement

When filing a personal injury claim, your lawyer will give you a rough idea of what to expect in terms of compensation. One of the biggest mistakes you can make during your case is accepting the first settlement agreement. Understandably, if you weren’t at fault and this is proven, the other party will want to offer the least amount possible initially. Instead of agreeing straight away, it may be wise to decline and keep going until you’re given a higher amount.

Acting Out of Character

If you have sustained major injuries that have meant you have had to give up work, it’s normal to feel all sorts of emotions along the way. However, high stress levels and anger are not a good mix, especially when going through your case. Should your case go to court, you need to keep your emotions at bay, otherwise this could halt proceedings and hinder the final outcome. Personal injury cases can potentially run for years, so make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep, following a balanced diet, and practicing relaxation techniques to keep you calm.

Not Providing Sufficient Evidence

When meeting with a personal injury lawyer like Eric Henry Law for the first time, you must have plenty of evidence to hand over to help with your case. Should you turn up with nothing, this will make things ten times harder for your lawyer. Make sure you gather evidence like your medical records and witness statements in advance to strengthen your side.

Being a victim of a personal injury can be hard to bear for some. However, to navigate a successful claim, you must do everything you can to strengthen your case, especially when it comes to claiming damages.

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