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Possible penalties and sentences which you might get on your first offense

 First offenses are pretty different from a repeat offense. The possible sentences or penalties one might get depends on many factors. In most cases, the first offense is associated with less harsh punishment. If the crime committed is serious enough, the offender might get a much harsher statement or penalty or both depending on the case.

Few things taken into consideration before giving a statement include:

  • The necessity to punish for what you stand guilty
  • If you need any help not to repeat the same mistake again
  • The punishment that might stop you from repeating the same offense
  • Any injury, damage, or loss caused by your offense
  • Offender’s age, intellectual capacity, and character
  • The need to protect the community and to make it clear that the type of crime committed is unacceptable in the community
  • Nature and the seriousness of the offense

The judge takes into factor all these things along with other factors about the case at hand. As a first offender, your offense might see a less serious statement.

So, here are some penalties you could get from your first offense

  • Fine

If a fine, the court will ask you to pay a certain fine based on the offense. The court gives you a certain period to pay the fine.

If you fail to pay the fine, you will not be sent directly to jail. The court sends a legal notice to collect the dues. If you still fail to pay the fine, you will have to go to jail for several days.

  • Good behavior bond

A good behavior bond is a mutual promise that you will not break any laws for some time.

You will have to sign a document called recognizance in which you accept that you are obliged not to break any laws for some time and pay the penalty to the court if you break any laws at this time.

  • Community service

Community service is unpaid work you do under the direction of a community corrections officer. This is only when the officer sees you fit to carry out the community service, and you too agree to carry out the community service.

  • Restitution

Restitution is an amount of money you pay to a victim to compensate for the loss, damage, or injury you caused. You can get sued by the victim if you do not give the restitution in time.

  • Probation

A court gives a probation order to you where you are obliged not to break any laws for some time and adhere to a few other conditions set in the order. The probation order has a period from six months to three years. A probation order is only when a corrective offer sees you fit and agrees to the order.

  • Banning order

A banning order is an order that stops you from entering or staying at:

  1. A licensed premise
  2. An area close to licensed premises
  3. An event where alcohol was present
  • Jail sentence

Even being a first offender, if your crime is serious, you will have to stay in prison for a while. You still have the right to be detained in jail, and if you are under 18 years old, you will have to go to a youth detention center.


If your offense comes with severe other crimes like vehicular homicide or resisting a police officer, you will face more serious statements. So be safe and respect the laws in your country.

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