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Traffic Violation in Suffolk County

Just as any other law, traffic law is meant to prevent people from getting hurt on the roads and that thing are moving smoothly on this same roads.

In addition this law deals with:

  • Moving violation- which includes over speeding, switching lanes unsafely, not stopping at a red light and not wearing a seatbelt.
  • Non-moving violation- which includes expired car registration, fake drivers license and parking in the wrong place.

Consequences of violating traffic laws depend on the seriousness of these violations. For minor crimes such as over speeding, you can either pay a fine or a ticket will be issued to you. In major offenses such as careless driving you could be arrested or if found guilty in a court hearing you could be imprisoned.

In cases where you are guilty of committing these violations, these things are likely to happen:

  • Suspended license
  • Imprisonment
  • Issues in job applications because your license is no longer clean
  • Fines

If you have been falsely accused of committing this violation, you are entitled to contest. You can hire a traffic lawyer to represent you in court to avoid unnecessary punishment. Some of you simply prefer to pay for a ticket even if you are not guilty because it an easier way to deal with the consequences. Just know you are entitled to consent the ticket and hiring an experienced Suffolk county traffic lawyer to represent you in court.

Why Hire Traffic Ticket Lawyers?

These lawyers have a vast knowledge on law related to driving thus can defend you in cases where you have committed minor or major violations of traffic laws. They are meant to reduce the penalties of the parking tickets, negotiate other options of penalties or dismiss the ticket. Even though the lawyer manages to dismiss your ticket, there will still be a record of the violation in your driving history.

Sometimes the judge offers attending traffic school as a way to reduce the penalties, dismiss a ticket or reduce your car insurance.

A traffic lawyer can have the court dismiss your ticket if:

  • The traffic officer that issued with the ticket does not attend the court hearing.
  • You either agree to committing a violation that is less serious than your current one.
  • You agree to probation.

Before hiring a traffic lawyer, you should ask about their service fee first. If the lawyer charges you more than the fine charged on your ticket then it is not necessary to hire one.

If at all you can not afford an attorney in cases where you have committed serious violations that involves you going to jail, the court is allowed to get you a public defender to represent you. You only qualify for a public defender if you are not employed or your loved ones are not financially stable.


To reduce the number of traffic violations, the fines have been increased thus motorists are more careful while using the roads. While more traffic offenses is good business for traffic lawyers, it is important to abide by the laws to avoid serious cases such as road accidents due to reckless driving and driving under influence of alcohol or drugs.

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